Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Young and the Booze Culture!

I am watching the news and I cannot believe that we are all wringing our hands about the current youth booze culture that we have created. It is one more step down the road of the destruction of our once beloved country.

I am sorry and I know that I risk the abuse of the establishment but this is deliberate. We could stop this nonsense at a stroke but will Gordon Brown address the problem? No of course he won't, because he wants this breakdown of civilisation in this country.

The general public know the problems. We pay Council Tax and part of that tax pays for the policing of our community but when did anyone ever see a copper on the beat when we needed one. They have been taken off the beat by Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. Why?

Now we have the unbelievable problem that drunken teenagers are ruling their own particular patch. Confront them and you get your head kicked in! Report them and nobody turns up. Arrest them and they get a community sentence during which they come back and kick your head in again!

Now please, please somebody explain to me why our NoLab government cannot or refuses to address this problem. Why cannot our Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, or the previous one, John Reid, or Blunkett or Jack Straw or bloody anyone else get coppers on the street like the rest of us want. Hell it was the Tories who started all this so how can we trust them?

These uneducated kids from their deprived and destitute housing estates have no other way of flexing their muscle. They have no direction, leadership or parenthood to show them that there is a better way of life. Education in this country does not currently equate to a third world country. It is a disgrace that a language qualification does not include any oral examination. It proves that the education of our children is a nonsense.

They prowl our streets and cause untold damage because nobody has ever put aspiration into their heads. They have no other alternative. If you cannot express yourself without the use of the word 'like' then you have a disadvantage. If you know nothing about geography and history, or your heritage then you will be alienated from your society. Until Gordon Brown gives these youngsters 'hope' then they will just drink their young lives away.

In the whole history of our previously wonderful country whenever did our youth believe that drugs and booze are the only salvation to their lives. Please do not believe that this problem is restricted to our Council Estates. It is emdemic in our universitites as well. Will Gordon Brown tackle it? Are you joking? When has this despicable government tackled anything worthwhile?

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