Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Pakistani Muslim in the UK

Looking through the papers and the blogs recently I have found evidence to suggest that at long last people are beginning to understand the impact of mass immigration which has been hoist on us by our indolent politicians. In particular the impact of the immigrants coming from Pakistan is becoming highly disturbing.

The mainstream media report that there are more Pakistanis claiming benefit in the UK than there are claiming benefit in Pakistan! Some of our hospitals are also reporting an increase in the birth of Pakistani children with congenital defects. In every city in the land we see the poor Pakistani women and kids shuffling along still clothed in their traditional dress and unable to speak a word of English.

Now I expect a rush of people to condemn me as a racist and frankly I don't care! I have personally met people from Pakistan who have made a real success of their move to this country but unfortunately they are a minority. Most of those who live in the ghettos are so out of place in the UK it is sad. They just don't belong in a society which they don't understand and which they can't relate to.

The attitude of mind of the average Pakistani appears to be totally at odds to the mind of the indiginous Britain. Their culture is totally alien to ours and the gulf is vast. Their attitude to arranged marriages, honour killings, cousins marrying cousins and the way they treat women in general is something that we cannot begin to understand because it is feudal in our eyes.

Nowhere is the cultural differences highlighted more than on the cricket pitch. OK I know that recently there has been the row over 'the monkey' remark between India and Australia but almost every other international incident has involved Pakistan. We had the famous walk out which disgracefully culminated in the Australian umpire being pilloried. We've had dozens of ball tampering incidents, false appeals, allegations of drugged up fast bowlers and matches between England and Pakistan in particular are like war zones. Matches against the Australians are highly competitive but they don't have that undertone of nastiness that emanates from the tests against Pakistan.

Finally and this is the issue which grates more than anything else; why do so many of their young men hate the country which feeds them? So many are allowed to return to Pakistan for training in the Al Qaeda camps. They then return and our authorities allow them to do it. Daily our poor, ill-equipped troops are fighting against huge numbers of Muslim fighters from Pakistan who pour across the border into Afghanistan. Recently in a British court Muslims were tried for a failed plot to capture a British Muslim soldier with intent to behead him. Presumably to teach us all a lesson!

So what lesson does it teach us then? Well it teaches us that there is an element in our society who hate their hosts so passionately that they will kill them without a thought as illustrated by the London Tube bombings. They believe that they are at war. If we do not take them seriously
then one day soon we will really regret it.

I seriously think that we should be monitoring this community very strictly. They should only have a limited period on benefits and when it expires they should be returned to Pakistan. They should be made to prove their value to the country and if they cannot then they should be repatriated. Any who have arrived illegally should be sent back. We have not picked this fight they did. We gave them sanctuary when they needed it but unfortunately I think that they perceived this as weakness. In many cases they have taken advantage and how! Do not think that this will disappear. Do not think that this does not concern you. One day it will.

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