Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Smearing of UKIP!

File:Nigel Farage Autumn 2008.JPGIn the run up to Thursdays' elections the gloves now appear to be off as the mainstream political parties, particularly the Tories, have recognised the threat posed by UKIP and are using every smear tactic imaginable.  A spate of stories are appearing accusing UKIP candidates of a variety of 'crimes' including an inability to dance!

Now I have to admit that UKIP have probably grabbed anyone available to stand in the local elections and amidst this miscellany of people there may be a few bad apples or at least people unsuitable for public office.  If so they will emerge under the spotlight and will be challenged. 

They also include a lot of people who are heartily sick of their country being run by faceless bureaucrats from Brussels.  I would far rather vote for someone who puts his/her country first, who is a conviction politician, rather than a group of people who at every turn are tearing the social fabric of the country apart.

The mainstream political groupings have suddenly recognised that they face a real challenge from the public.  Instead of these dubious smear tactics why do they not start listening? This country is in bits because of the policies of the EU.  The justice system is in tatters thanks to the Human Rights Act.  Our prisons are full of foreign criminals who have committed diabolical crimes and yet we cannot deport them. I could go on and have been for the past five years.

We cannot begin to repair this country until we disentangle ourselves from the EU and then put into place common sense policies which will get society working again. The mainstream parties are unable to do this.  We have had thirty years since we last saw a conviction politician in power (Margaret Thatcher) and look what has happened?

I am getting messages from UKIP asking for my help canvassing at South Shields.  They appear to think that they could challenge Labour in David Miliband's former impregnable socialist fortress.  Even as a septagenarian I feel that I should make an effort.


Anonymous said...

Pat Nurse blog (tea and cigarettes) was the cause of her being thrown out of the local UKIP party in Lincoln and the reason for her dumping the blog when her local education authority found out about it.

I reckon this "outing" of bloggers/twitters/facebookers has only just begun

SAB said...

It appears Labour are just as terrified as the Tories...

bryboy said...

Tks for your interest guys. I know that I am right because the Political Class has just discovered that their game is up. The British people who, for so long. trusted the politicians know that they have been betrayed. Cameron, Clegg and little Miliband have overplayed their hand. They are so smug and so complacent so we are all looking round for an alternative route. The British people have suddenly twigged and I fervently hope that on Thursday we get the result that we need.

So what do I vote on Thursday because I don't hsve a candidate?