Saturday, 1 June 2013

Newark What Now?

It is difficult to understand the level of deceit and downright criminality practiced by so many politicians.  Following on from the expenses scandal when so many were outed but very few punished for practicing the black arts of false accountancy it is difficult to accept the behaviour of Patrick Mercer MP.

I do not believe that any journalist goes to the trouble to organise 'a sting' unless there is a very good chance that they will get a result. Consequently one must come to the conclusion that someone had pointed them in the direction of Patrick Mercer.

However, in the murky world of 'Westmonster', he is allowed to 'resign the whip' and continue to enjoy the perks and privilege of office  when in effect he should be gone and facing criminal charges.

This leaves us with the result that the citizens of Newark are now not represented effectively because Patrick Mercer can no longer be trusted. So far I cannot find any evidence of a forthcoming by-election!  I can understand that the Coalition would not want another too close to call by-election but surely it should be inevitable?

Patrick Mercer should not be allowed to continue to 2015 with or without the whip.  He has been filmed asking for £1000 per day (outrageous) to table a question on behalf of so called lobbyists. He knew it was wrong so he has no excuses. Get rid of him and give UKIP another crack at breaching the barriers of Westmonster. It is only a matter of time. 

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