Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hungary Cuts the Ties!

In a modern world where it often appears that the International Bankers hold all the cards news that a sovereign state is opting out of their clutches merits consideration.  The nation of Hungary has a proud tradition.  In 1956 they attempted a heroic rebellion against the tyranny of the Soviet Union and fought the Soviet tanks on the streets of Budapest.

Now apparently they have severed connection with the Rothschild banks!! They have said no more we want out!  Here is a short clip from the Captain Ranty blog which illustrates what they have done.

They are determined to be a government for their own people. They do not want international control of the Hungarian nation because they have paid off their debts and now want to go alone.  Good luck to them but you can bet your country that the Rothschilds will do something to bring them to heel!

Why can't we try that in this country? We cannot do it because almost all of our politicians are on the take from the EU.  Nationalist politicians like Nigel Farage are destroyed by a mainstream media controlled by a cartel of international bankers.
Everything is controlled by the hierarchy, the New World Order, the Vatican and royalty who apparently commit horrendous acts of depravity. 

It is high time that we broke our country free from political and so called royal control and became a republic serving the indigenous population but welcoming incomers who want to contribute to our society and not want to change or destroy it!  I would happily get rid of anyone who wants to dress contrary to the norm of our country.  If they don't want to respect our society then why stay here?

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