Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Is Labour in Meltdown...at Last?

Following on from the Falkirk electoral fraud now we have the prospect that the Cooperative Bank that bankrolls the Labour Party has been run by a 'cokehead' with a serious sexual appetite.  Then we have the 'news' that Ed Miliband thinks that his Shadow Chancellor is a 'nightmare'.

Congratulations Ed because you have discovered what most of us already knew!  Never mind let us concentrate on the financial position of the Labour Party.  In reality they have been losing public support for years so they are entirely in the hands of the Trade Unions.  They could not exist without the Trade Unions but, even so, they owe considerable sums of money to the Co-op bank which is now under pressure.

So how can any Labour MP be anything other than a Union puppet?  No wonder they back the EU because without the EU they could not exist.  However, is that not also the situation of the Conservative and LibDem parties? They are continually losing support.  Nobody believes them anymore.  Democratic voting is nosediving because everyone knows that it is not democratic!

Step forward UKIP.  Today they announced that their membership has exceeded 32000 for the first time.  People are tuning into the corrupt political system even though is has taken time.  Today a prominent Yorkshire businessman, Paul Sykes, announced that he was bankrolling UKIP for next year's European elections.

This injection of capital, for what was once a fringe party, could project UKIP into the mainstream. In politics money talks and that is why it is so corrupt.  The EU is funneling the taxpayer's money back into the political parties that support the EU.  It comes back via quangos and through a variety of regional projects. Consequently our politicians rely on this funding to keep them in luxury.

On the first of January we will get an influx of scum never seen in this country before.  The Roma communities of Rumania and Bulgaria will be allowed access to the UK and will probably have instant access to public funds the like of which they have never dreamed of!  They would be mental not to arrive here in droves!

The EU in essence is dumping the worst of the worst into the UK.  It must be a huge joke in the Blair/Brown circles but it has been perpetuated by Cameron/Clegg.  When it comes down to the bottom line nothing separates the mainstream politicians.

Tomorrow evening I meet some local UKIP people for discussion. I don't know any of them or their ambitions but I will report back.  In the meantime Labour is imploding, the LibDems are a joke and the Tories have reneged on their remit.  I keep hoping that I will live long enough to see the British people rebel and win back their freedom.  At the moment we are a disgrace to our ancestors.


Anonymous said...

Christ Bryboy, i hope you're right.

Nothing i'd like better than seeing the currently sleeping or pissed/drunk public get their bloody fat arses off the sofa and turn that infernal fucking propaganda box in the corner off and actually THINK...strictly cum celebrity get 'em out rubbish.

Jesus you could pay me enough to watch the shite.

Its incredible that half the befuddled bastards can find the polling station, if they're thick enough to vote for the three cheeks of the same arse party.

Must remember to ring Jim my builder chappie, been bashing me head on the wall that much recently the bloody thing needs repointing.



bryboy said...

Tks Judd I reckon we are on the same side! Frustration is our currency. This week I attended a UKIP meeting of four people and I discovered that actually only one of us was actually committed and it was not me!