Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Should People Know This?

I have been becalmed for some time now because I have been reading and researching and discovering and some of what I have been reading is really not nice.  Now I am probably a naive old man who is likely dipping his toe into things that he should stay well clear of but I can't ignore what I am reading.  So.... I am going to steer you into my world and allow you to make up your own minds.

I do this in the full knowledge that I may be opening a can of worms.  I do not know if the authors of the clips and blogs are nutters but what I do know is that something is definitely wrong within our society. 

So the commercial is over... go to Aangirfan then scroll down to 'I saw Joseph Ratzinger...' then go to this YouTube link.  Now perhaps if you have watched the lot you will know why I am really concerned about the mainstream media.  

The Met Police are currently running, in the wake of the Saville scandal, an operation called 'Yew Tree' where they are arresting many 'celebrities' on historical charges.  They are all quite inconsequential when it comes to what many people regard as the major players.

I know nothing! I have no evidence and no knowledge but these accusations keep appearing time after time on the World Wide Web.  You just have to seek them out. I think that some of it is thought provoking. It is only the tip of the iceberg!


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's quite disturbing to learn that the world is run by satanists and pedophiles.

bryboy said...

Yes but it appears to go so much deeper. Our society has been completely corrupted and the combination of extreme wealth, ambition, greed and personal weakness at the very highest level of our society is to blame.

It is never tackled in the mainstream media and yet it is all over the world wide web. Case after case of injustice and corruption. The police do not police, the nurses do not nurse, the teachers do not teach and the unions are so out of control that they are allowed to bully and intimidate.

They all want to curb the freedom of the press but nobody wants to challenge the unions! We are rapidly heading towards a Soviet style society.

bryboy said...
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Anonymous said...

Bryboy, the Soviet style society is already here. Six men have been given custodial sentences for racially aggravated chanting, that offended some people on a train. This is how
far our society has come, when saying something can get you
banged up. Need I say more than it
is connected to the saint that is Sir Stephen Lawrence.


bryboy said...

Hi Neutrino I cannot disagree with you. We have just allowed it to happen and it will get worse before it gets better. I reckon we will have to wait for the EU to run out of our money!