Saturday, 16 November 2013

Falkirk was Electoral Fraud... Is that not illegal?

Time after time we are witnessing a Political Class that flaunts the law.  They now appear to be above the law because they are routinely committing crime and it is being ignored.

As I understand it Falkirk is a safe Labour seat.  How any constituency in this day and age can be a safe LABOUR seat after 13 years of bedlam defeats me but then the Scots appear to have a tendency not to think about politics.  That is why the lowlands choose between the fascist SNP and the communist Labour.  No middle ground here then!  The Highlands however cop out completely because they are almost single handedly propping up probably the most dysfunctional of all the mainstream parties namely the LibDems.

I do not know why the Highlanders vote LibDem.  Possibly it is because they cannot see the point of either the SNP and Labour and who could blame them?  Scots do not toleratte minority parties.  Nigel Farage was almost physically assaulted in Edinburgh when he popped in for a pint (Ok that is facetious) but it illustrates the point that the Scots are almost disenfranchised if they believe in a middle ground.

So when it is now clear that Labour party officials routinely signed up people as party members without their consent and with the intention of using their membership in favour of the Labour party...what can we call that?  The fact that the leader of the Labour party, Ed Miliband, refuses to acknowledge that this practice is synomynous with electoral fraud tells us so much about the modern Political Class.

The whole Falkirk incident happened because the Unite Union was trying to engineer their candidate into Westmonster.  This time they were caught out .  How many other times have they succeeded? Were the bundles of votes received by the Labour party in Birmingham from Muslim families another example of how this desperate party clings to power?

So now do we have three main parties who are ruling the UK by electoral fraud?  The Tories rule in the south of England but are rejected North of Sheffield and ignored in Scotland.  Labour rule in lowland Scotland, the north of England and the inner cities. The LibDems have some success in the southwest and the Highlands and of course in Sheffield.  Nowhere do we have a national party that appeals to everyone.  

The reason for this is money! If you do not have money then politically you cannot exist.  That is why so many MP's have been coerced into re-renting and cosying up to the lobbyists and the European Union.  They are desperate!

So just how does a political party like say UKIP challenge the mainstream Political system?  In reality they cannot challenge the Rothschild funded political system!  It cannot be challenged unless people with values, convictions and principles get together and defeat the money men.

You see the Rothschild system has been funded by weakness. They find people who are weak and exploit them.  I would like to bet that many of our mainstream politicians are actually being blackmailed in one way or another.  There are rumours on the Internet that so many of our leading members of society had links to Jimmy Savile and were therefore open to accusations of sleaze.

We need a new party for the people who want to clean up the sleaze. That means family people who cannot be blackmailed or corrupted. In this modern era can we find sufficient numbers to form a party of decency and values.  I suspect we will never find the numbers required but perhaps we should at least try. 


newboycap said...


The definition of MADNESS, doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Have we not learned that Voting these crooks, liars, thieves, murderers, rapists and playthings of the Bankers is futile?

They (the government/political parties) care nothing for you or anyone else, it's just a career to them and if they can help out their mates, Bankers, along the way they will.
Why do we need these people to run our lives for us? Fact is we don't, we can manage perfectly well without their interference, without their stealing our wealth, without them forcing us to pay for the MURDER of innocents in Wars of their making.
Voting any other party (UKIP) into 'power' over you is just an admittance that we can't manage take responsibility for ourselves.
I for one will never vote for a political Psychopath ever again, I've removed the name from their register I want nothing more to do with their evil ways.

bryboy said...

As usual I can understand your stance NBC but unfortunately we must deal with what we have got! I too am revolted by their disgusting lies and actions and but when they can claim to represent the public with the support of around 15% of the electorate then not voting does not work! We have to beat them with their own system! The British people must vote to get rid of them! If we don't vote then they will continue to spit in our faces. I am still not sure that UKIP is the answer but it is the only new grouping that has made a dent in these charlatans for the past 30 years. Locally I will discover more this evening.