Thursday, 14 November 2013

It Beggar's Belief!

We are losing our grip! In Sheffield today Pakistani immigrant communities are complaining about the lifestyle of Roma people who are not adopting the British way of life! Life has surely gone a full circle because what... twenty years ago, we were all complaining about the behaviour of the Pakistani community who were not adopting the British way of life.

They still support the wearing of the burka. They still want the sounds of the mosque echoing across  our inner city communities so do they now understand how we, the English, viewed them changing our inner city lifestyle? 

Now it has hit them.  They live the English lifestyle and suddenly they have a Roma community that does not understand the English way of life and consequently they are now being affected.

This is a graphic warning about the future.  On the first of January hang onto your hats! Literally hundreds of thousands of the poorest and most ignorant people in the world will be allowed to descend upon this country and practice their life style!  For them it will be Utopia because they will squeeze every penny from our welfare system, our benefits system, our health service and our education authorities.

This is being allowed by the EU who are actively trying to destroy the British way of life.  We have been under attack ever since Edward Heath (now widely regarded as a PM with a really unhealthy sexual lifestyle and a close friend of Jimmy Savile) conned the British public to join a European Common Market.

This will continue until we elect politicians who will place the welfare of the public above the ambition of the New World Order. Today we have a PM telling the public at a white tie dinner that austerity is here to stay!

Of course it is here to stay until we ignore the mainstream media. It is here to stay until we ignore television, radio and the Murdoch press.  We only have one option. It scares me to say it because I don't want a single option but Nigel Farage is the single option.  

If we don't get out of the EU we are dead as a nation.  It is probably too late but it is not my world anymore.  The world belongs to my granddaughters... heaven help them because we have really have left them a mess! Most of us are cowards. 


Anonymous said...

Good post Sir.

I would say the destruction of Britain began long before Heath, though in a strictly modern sense you would be correct. We had a period where it seemed we had gotten over an horrific event (WW2)and were back on course. But how long was that actually? 1945 - 1972, a paltry 27 years and then the attacks began again.

But in fact the take-down of this country is centuries old. I would say about 350 years, since about Cromwell (interrupted relatively briefly by the Stuarts). Others could well say it's even longer than that.

These people came from ancient times. Caesar knew of them, other historical leaders knew of them. Heck, even Jesus Christ identified them (though why wouldn't he?)

Back to the strictly nodern sense though, and the very highways and byways of our land. You are right, the next wave of madness imposed upon us is going to be very bad indeed.

What to do?


Anonymous said...

Paul, please do expand your theory?


bryboy said...

Yes I too am intrigued by this mention of an ancient tribe. Is it a mention of the Ashkernazy Jews?

Anonymous said...

I don't know who it is. This world of Man is ancient and the connections are many. But, follow the money always, something you've said Mr Meldrew on your most recent post about the Falkirk debacle. After all, it's always money that has made the world go round. You mention one of the perpetrators (at least of post-medieval times), people who are being increasingly mentioned all across the web now.

Babylon is maybe their origin? Caesar knew of them, one of the first things he did being to abolish the then current coinage and mint new stuff, under direct Roman control. He was assassinated, which may or may not be related. Jesus knew of them and displayed his only incidence of anger (we are told of) in driving them out of the temple. There's always been a clue there I have thought.

What about Henry (I) Plantagenet and his tally sticks? Henry knew.

What about the Dutch VOC and their East India Company? Fractional banking practises were invented in that country. England very soon had a Dutch King and another East India Company was formed. The Orient and Africa were discovered and colonised, Africa being carved up for vast profit. Cecil Rhodes.

You will have heard about the House of R and the events immediately post Waterloo. The American War of Independence. You will have heard about the Founding Fathers and their warnings.

The French Revolution, the precursor to Marxism. The murder of the Imperial Russian dynasty. The murder of Abe Lincoln, inventor of the Greenback. The Czar supported Lincoln fervently, not because of any 'slave issue' but because of his stance against the banking dynasties, intent on destroying any Union - and taking control of America.

The murder of JFK? Now America is all but lost - like we are.

Communism was founded by them. Then there's Frankfurt. It's not beyond impossible that Islam was founded by them, all that time ago.

Who knows exactly how all these events dovetail together, sometimes loosely, often directly. I don't, but I do like to study history .... and then study it again closely.

Don't call me a conspiracist (not that I'm saying you would, but well, you know...). It's quite obvious there are conspiracies, with Communism being blatantly to the fore in our era. It's quite likely there has been one dominating conspiracy for far longer than 100 years or so.

Thanks anyway.


Anonymous said...

Ok Paul, thanks for putting some meat on them bones. Very interesting stuff, your still not telling us who your talking about and I cant understand why not? But please gives us more on your "it's not impossible that they founded Islam" quote as that is definately a first for me.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm not saying who I'm talking about because, as I did say, I don't really know exactly.

I don't think it's necessarily one 'race', which isn't a cop-out to avoid being called a 'racist' (bah) but because, after all this time (1000s of years) I don't think such a small matter of one race comes into their thinking. They want the whole world and wouldn't care about sacricing the people who shared the land of their own birth. Look at how our authorities will persecute our own people, inevitably good people among them. Today, in the UK, it seems obvious that our politicians care not a jot for the merry Englishman of tradition. And it seems almost certain that the politicians are just the agents of higher and more shadowy controllers. Very many influential people, some no doubt well-intentioned ones, have indicated the same. Churchill (though others will say he was part of it), US presidents and senators, Kings, Emperors, etc. They are/were very much more informed than we will ever be. Were they all engaging on silly flights of fancy?

It's probable that the common man (and even the kings) never fully realise who is behind it. You may think you've nailed somebody down, but there may well be others higher than them.

You can get too far into all this and be diverted into what might be silly ideas, such as mysticism and strange cults. But you know, no matter how silly something seems (or is), it doesn't really matter if 'they' believe in it. A man might believe the moon is made of green cheese, and that might be silly, but if he's worth billions of dollars, then he's going to get his own way and his wealth and position will enable him to believe that quite comfortably.

Islam - anything is possible don't you think? Don't pin all your beliefs on such a thing, but occasionally think outside the box. However Islam was founded, it seems that it is being used today in some ways much like other cultish beliefs are used. Christianity has been used as a wordly cult of domination and wealth, despite what the original message or founding might have been about. There is far more to the Vatican than turning the other cheek and hoping to go to heaven. Aren't they the richest institution on earth? Follow the money.

How many of these people 'run the world'? Ten thousand, maybe less? It's doubtful they are one 'race' or 'tribe' by now. What you can say is they are indeed a CULT, though not necessarily strictly in the sense we understand that word.

I don't know the detail but I think I do know that this is what it's about.



Anonymous said...

Great post Paul, I am inclined to believe your take on things. sensible and reasoned. Over to you Bryboy?


bryboy said...

Come on mate give over!