Friday, 8 November 2013

They Are Trying to Destroy the Country ...but Failing!

We the public must recognize that we have a parliament of charlatans who have been bought and paid for and who are hell bent on destroying the public services.  We vote for them as individuals and suddenly discover that they are all part of a huge EU package.

Take my own MP... Nicky Morgan who I have often criticized because she is typical of this generation of our MPs.  She supports the EU, she supports Common Purpose and she stood as a Conservative!  Her opponent Andy Reed lost his seat on a false premise.  She is an out and out socialist! She was hoist on us as an opposition candidate to Gordon Brown! Well frankly Andy Reed never stood a chance because even the British public realised that there was something seriously suspect about Gordon Brown. 

So what has happened since? This Coalition Government is destroying us socially.  People are still dying in hospitals, the schools are still failing so many of our children, the elderly are being abused too often.  Far too many local councils are cutting back on vital services while we squander money on Foreign Aid. 

Nicky Morgan does all the right things.  My wife is amazed at how many letters that I receive from the House of Commons! Let me make it clear that Mrs 'Meldrew' is a slave to the mainstream media. If you tell her that the Royals and Margaret Thatcher were 'friends' of Jimmy Saville then she goes ballistic!

She would never contemplate that the Royals were possibly involved in the death of Princess Diana because it would not happen.  She does not find it strange that the evidence from the 'Dunblane Massacre' was buried for 100 years!  The parents of Madeleine McCann are innocent victims. Doctor David Kelly committed suicide?  There is significant comment on the World Wide Web to 'hint' that many of our senior politicians are 'bad' people.  In these modern times we have far too many 'mysteries' that cannot be explained away by officialdom.

If I talk to my wife about Justin Fashanu, Gary Speed and Stephen Milligan then I am being ridiculous!  She is probably right but I cannot help myself.

Never mind.... the economy is improving and I suspect that is much to the chagrin of the EU. How can our economy be improving when every effort has been made to destroy it? How can the economy of the UK be improving when all the other countries in the EU (except Germany) are dying on their EU feet?

I sometimes amuse myself by imagining an Illuminati boardroom meeting when Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Miliband are being carpetted... 'We told you fools to ruin the economy of the UK and it is growing.  How is this happening?"

"We don't know because we are doing our best and the public hate us."

"Then you are just as stupid as the people think you are! We need a person with attitude who lies with a smile on his face.  We need a servant who has proven that he hates the British.  We will replace all of you with Ken McLusty because he KNOWS how to damage the economy and get away with it!"

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Anonymous said...

I wish i knew exactly what is meant by the economy improving, who measured it (impartially) and how.

Did they visit every factory and count how many widgets come off the production line each hour.

Did they visit the growth industry, those huge warehouses built on previous green land alongside major trunk rodas, you know the ones, those filled with goods brought in by foreign lorry and import container lorry, all crammed to the top with bloody foreign made tat.

Those marvellous warehouses bulging at all sides with 7 pallet high racking, staffed almost entirely by foreigners, who unload the foreign made tat from the foreign made lorries driven by an increasing number of foreign made drivers..including those with Brit registration plates.

Those same foreigners then sort and store the foreign tat, and after a while of stock rotation they fill other lorries back up with this foreign tat and send it off to retail parks....its even possible that one or two of the foreign made lorries taking the foreign tat from warehouse to retail store might even have a Brit at the wheel, but don't worry he'll soon be priced out of a job and a Romanian or Bulgarian will soon be undercutting the Pole.

When the lorry arrives at the retail store, its unloaded and stacked on shelves by more foreigners.

Some time later a Brit visits the store and buys that tat at 10 times the price it left China.

The Brit will pay for it out of their benefits, the only part of the production not foreign supplied.

Thank Christ for the Tories, our economy is in safe hands.

Sorry for the long piss taking rant, but sometimes it just happens like that...

Carry on Bryboy, ignore this old fart..;)

Actually, when they talk about the economy don't politicians mean the amount of tax they've extracted, and then pissed up the wall?