Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Granddaughter plays Basketball!

Modern Britain!? Tonight I watched my granddaughter play basketball for her school at a school renowned for being in the heart of the town's immigrant community.  I had to pick her up to take her home after the game.

I was definitely the oldest person in the sports hall of Limehurst Academy Loughborough which made me feel slightly uncomfortable but I was ignored and therefore I could watch in comfort.

This was a scene that is probably being enacted all over the country.  My granddaughter is a year 8 pupil competing with year 10 athletes and she really did well. I was so proud of her because some of these girls know how to fight for the ball and were head and shoulders above her in height.

You must understand that it was an alien scene for me.  This was modern education and modern youth. Clearly it did not matter what colour anyone is because it is ignored, it does not matter where anyone came from because it is ignored.  They all compete equally however .... I noticed that socially they remain in their ethnic groups.

In one corner were the Asian girls/boys, in another corner were the white kids, then another corner housed the black kids but they only came together through sport.  Look I only observed the scene but outside of the team the kids knew who they felt comfortable with. It might take yet another generation before these barriers drop if they ever do.

I felt completely alienated from the scene.  I was there to take my granddaughter home after the game.  There were, actually, no other spectators other than teachers and yet I did not feel comfortable. I should be allowed to watch my granddaughter play basketball without feeling unwanted.  Relatives seem to be intruders in their private education system.  I will however turn up again because she is worth it.  


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you didn't whip a camera out, you'd have been down the nick now answering prying leading and accusatory questions and your PC being interrogated by some bearded weirdo...being a mature chap carries a certain stigma you know.

Sod 'em, you carry on supporting and looking after your grand-daughter, good for you and good for her too.



SAB said...

Well said, keep up the support!
So, Limehurst Academy now hey? I noticed the other night (whilst passing) that Burleigh Community College has a new name also. How things change!

bryboy said...

Hello SAB yes you would not believe Limehurst! Don't get me wrong they have an amazing sports hall built onto the back of the school. This sports hall was buzzing with kids from all across the world. They were loving it and why not? My grand-daughter's school is still mainly white with exceptions but I really felt uncomfortable amidst this bevy of young female athletes but only because I was alone!