Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Oops Cover it Up!!

A report has emerged concocted by some form of Bradford Social Services, which apparently states, that a child died and was hidden for two years and none of the social services implicated in the case, were guilty of negligence!

We have all seen photographs of the house inhabited by Amanda Hutton in which her son died.  It is appalling! No decent human being lives in such chaos and filth.  If the social services. who apparently were alerted about her, (she was on their radar), could not recognize that this woman was incapable of rearing children then why are they being paid?   

This is happening all over the country but only the most extreme cases are being brought to the attention of the public.  Time after time the most appalling cases of child neglect come to light far too late to help the children involved.

Why is this happening?  It is happening because all our public services have been corrupted by Common Purpose.  People who have little knowledge of their subject matter but are willing to obey a higher authority so that they can bask in the glory of an immense salary and elevated position are to blame. They were recruited as children from deprived areas like London, Coventry, Plymouth and Hull and almost brainwashed to carry out the wishes of their masters the commissars of the EU! 

Every local authority have these slaves in position to carry out orders and ultimately receive their inflated salaries.  They winge about the government cutting finance but the problem with the people who are cutting public services is that they are being paid too much!

It won't stop here.  They are now deeply entrenched and nobody in the mainstream Political Class will be able to tackle the cancer in our society because they are all receiving pay cheques from the same source.

In the meantime kids who should be protected are being neglected and of course nobody will ever be to blame!  All the doors will be closed and they know it.  Nobody will ever be to blame because they are all in the same game.  They all owe their salaries to the EU and their morals have consequently disappeared. 

Hamzah Khan and Peter Connelly are just 'accidents' in the overall plan.  Oops a kid has been murdered but who cares...cover it up. The elderly are being murdered in negligent hospitals...oops... cover it up. We are, as a country, losing our care for the vulnerable but oops cover it up!

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