Thursday, 21 November 2013

We now know that they are all Corrupt!

The case of the Reverend Paul Flowers, who until today was the CEO of the Co-Op bank, was aired at PM's Question Time. The PM took full advantage of the embarrassment of the useless Labour front bench but it was the response that was interesting.

Ed Miliband exploded with a string of accusations that the PM either could not defend or chose not to. Miliband exposed the 'dodgy' funding behind the Conservative party and personally I believe that someone should now challenge his accusations.

We all know that the Labour leadership cannot be trusted with finance. They proved it over a thirteen year period of banking disaster.  Ed Balls and Ed Miliband cannot be trusted to buy sweets from a corner shop. They don't even trust each other!  However what about the Tories who are the friends of big business?

Surely someone (UKIP?) should take up the response from Ed Miliband and examine it?  If Ed Miliband, in his desperation to respond to Cameron's accusation, exposed the dodgy aspects of Tory funding. then surely someone should be following up?

Ed Miliband is politically a child!  He inadvertently gave away the game of 'modernization' trying to be smart when confronting David Cameron not too long ago.  If you watch his lips move then he exposes his masters continually.  He is actually a political liability but so far UKIP are trying to win support at ground level. Someone, somewhere should be looking at the under belly of these political parties. 

This week I met a few UKIP members over a pint and I began to realize the extent of the problem.  In our local area we have a leader who is desperately trying to garner support.  His heart is in the right place but nobody is willing to step forward and do the dirty work on the doorsteps which might bring results.

I am one of those because at my age and with the health problems that accumulate over years I have to be sensible. I am unwilling to commit my remaining years to a project which requires commitment and energy. Real politics requires dedication, commitment and ambition.  I feel bad because I am too old to do this ground work.  I must rethink how I can help.



SAB said...

It's surprising how many mistakes and allogations about the main two parties (and the Lib Dems) just seem to get brushed under the carpet. If it was in someway linked to UKIP they would be demanding a full investigation (internal of course) and hung out to dry.

All Dave and Ed seem to do is have a go at each other 'flexing their muscles' trying to score points, rather than make decisions or tackle any actual issues.

Shame I missed the meeting the other night, there's another one in December in Ashby if you're interested in going?

I too would like to get involved but having a wee toddler to look after a lot of the time limits my capabilities somewhat. Happy to leaflet drop though, but don't see myself as much of a canvasser.

I've found it difficult in the past to even talk about being a supporter of UKIP to friends, let alone anyone else! People have such strong views on these things and i've found that their views are all too often based around being ill-informed and the result of years of brain-washing and conditioning by the msm. To try and tactfully suggest this to them has proven very difficult and I often leave a discussion feeling like i've been written off as a loon. Very frustrating when all you're looking for is a friendly open discussion.

Over the last year or so it's become much easier though. Especially since the likes of the BBC have begrudgingly included Nigel Farage a lot more on their political programmes. I know they often appear to set him up with a load of 'lefties' but he's so sharp and well informed it just seems to benefit UKIP. He's usually the only one who tells it like it is and doesn't dance around a question or sit on the fence. The recent Question Time episode in Boston was a classic example. It was refreshing to see Anna Soubry challenged for a change as she's so headstrong and always seems to have the final word in any debate.

UKIP are by no means perfect and have a long way to go, but they're the best option we have right now to make a difference, else it's just more of the same and it can only get worse.

bryboy said...

That is a great post SAB I really hope that we can meet up in Ashby. It is very difficult in this day and age to be a political activist and ignore our other commitments. I am beginning to understand the problem. I hope that you don't think I was trying to drop you in it. My comments were well meant because you are an impressive figure. Well you were when I last saw you LOL! Many years have since passed but I do hope we can share a beer. By the way a very good friend of mine dog sits for JK and we have shared his luxury on the odd occasion. Wheels within wheels!