Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Lest we Forget!

Over the weekend I spent time with many old comrades and their wives as we honoured our war dead.  My own particular ceremony was held in Old Woodhouse, Leicestershire and it was so well attended.  The church was full of so many generations.  My wife remarked to a very young soldier from Welbeck College that I was once like him... which amused everyone!

For me it was an opportunity to meet guys that I grew up with and we are now old men and our wives (so glamorous in yesteryear) are now old ladies but we have lived a life to the full.  Soldiers who complete their full term of service are rewarded with a good pension BUT they have seen a lot of suffering and sacrificed their youth in the service of their country.

These are some of the reasons that I write this blog with so much passion.  I am sickened by the mainstream politicians who routinely disregard the service of the military and let them down. People like Cameron, Clegg and Miliband  routinely appear at the Cenotaph laying wreathes and then go back to their hideyholes and plot to dismantle, destroy and destruct the very people who they purport to support.

The country however still pays homage.  The country know the reticence of the Political Class to recognize the military because the military are the backbone of the country.  They will never bend the knee to the Banking Class (Rothschilds) and so they must be humiliated and destroyed.  It is sadly strange that in some quarters the Rothschilds are linked very strongly with the Windsors!  When we all sung 'God Save the Queen' I did wonder if it was somewhat incongruous.

Today was our day. I would like to thank Dennis, John, Pete  and Bob  for their work to keep our British Legion going. It was also great to meet old friends particularly Tony who was once my partner in 'crime'!  Lest we forget!

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