Tuesday, 26 November 2013

What Constitutes a 'Scotsman'?

I see the SNP are getting very worked up about the forthcoming referendum on Scottish independence.  They have now decided that only people living in Scotland or 'abroad' can vote. For their purposes Scots people living in other parts of the UK are disenfranchised and don't count.

For the purposes of this referendum the SNP have granted 16 and 17 year olds a vote so does that now means that the 16 year old child of an immigrant living north of the border now gets precedence over someone like me who can prove his Scottish heritage back to Cameron of Lochiel?

The SNP are stitching up this referendum by 'selecting' who can or cannot vote.  If they win the only benefactors will be the English who will at long last get rid of all the Scottish politicians who affect the voting in Westmonster particularly when it has no consequence on them.

I really hope that the SNP win but frankly I still believe, despite the rigging of the vote, that there is still a sufficient number of intelligent Scots who will tell Salmond to go and boil his head!



Captain Ranty said...


You missed a 't' in the title.

And yes, I will get a vote on Sept 18 2014. I am as English as an English thing. Well, since 1198, at least. Before then things get a little hazy.

He has made some fundamental errors in his campaign for "Freeeeeedommmmmm".

Giving the kids a say will undo him. In every single school district where they have held mock referendums, the kids voted overwhelmingly to keep the Union.

With today's sad little press conference I am certain his supporters will fade away. His plans are weak and evasive, (and those are the strong points), so I reckon no independence for Scotland. Not this time around.


bryboy said...

Hello CR tks for your contribution. I will never believe that the intelligent Scots will allow this to happen BUT we need an English parliament down here! I suspect it will never happen because the Scots gain advantages not open to the English.

This issue is controversial. If the Scots really wanted independence and were prepared to be independent I would probably come back home like my late son did but...you cannot be independent and be a member of the EU!! That is the bottom line of Salmond's proposal. Let Scotland be independent but then let them be properly independent and not yet another puppet of the EU.