Monday, 25 November 2013

Sandy Hook returns to the Mainstream News!

I could not believe that ITV news revisited the 'Sandy Hook' story once again this evening!  Just why have they returned to this nonsense which frankly is all over YouTube.  You have to be really naive not to realise that this was a non event!

So for the last time let me at least  refer you back to Sonia Smallstorm because she more than anyone joined up all the dots. There is a lot more evidence about the fakery concerning Sandy Hook on Youtube but you can take your pick.  I just get totally brassed off that the controlled mainstream media even now tries to influence public opinion with an event that was so badly managed.


SAB said...

Well I watched the video and was fascinated. From what I saw can't believe anything actually happened other than a staged event. Which feels really wrong but I can't ignore what i've just seen??

There were also some stories suggesting one of the supposed victims of Sandy Hook was also a casualty of the Boston Marathon bombing. Could have been a media error though apparently?!?

Amazing. But as a parent myself, when I watch the interviews and hear that the parents were denied access to their children and had to accept a facial photo and the word of an official, I simply can't accept that. If it was my son i'd be breaking the doors down to get in just so I could hold him and be with him. These guys just seem to accept it and a few days later are on TV celebrating what a wonderful child they had. I'd be in pieces for months!!! In fairness I don't know how i'd be, but I sure as heck wouldn't be smiling at a camera a few days later.


SAB said...

Sorry for stating what you clearly already know. Just gobsmacked that's all...