Tuesday, 5 November 2013

India Enters the Space Age!

Well isn't this nice to know.  India have launched a satellite into space and so many people appear to be overjoyed! Isn't it nice to know that our foreign aid has been so well spent? At least they are not buying up the more fashionable areas of Paris!  They are at least more novel in squandering our tax payer's money.

In the meantime back here in the real world Nottinghamshire County Council will be laying off 800 workers and inevitably services will be cut. The elderly are having their remaining care homes available cut to the bone.  The services which some of us have paid for all of our working lives are being destroyed to make way for the Indian Space programme and the greed of African despots.

I remember when that arch socialist David Cameron first came to power that one of his first promises was that Foreign Aid would be 'ring fenced'. At the time I did not realize the significance of that promise.  It is criminal, almost traitrous, that tax payer's money should fund a the space program of a foreign power.  I cannot prove that this is a fact but why are we giving money that is desperately needed at home to a country that can afford a space program

People... you are in the hands of politicians who are spitting in your face.  Sit back and accept it if you want!  They are incorrigible, they are laughing at you and most of you will still vote for Con/Lab/Lib at any subsequent election even though most of them appear to qualify for a sentence normally associated with Norman Stanley Fletcher (Ronnie Barker).  Foreign Aid just squanders our money and should be stopped now!


GrumpyRN said...

I was watching this on the news while on a break at work last night and I said to my colleagues, "we should feel proud to know that because we have had a wage freeze for 3 years and an effective pay cut the country is able to help fund India's space programme." It is nice to know that when our own citizens are suffering we can give away money to corrupt governments. I tell you, it is great to be British.

bryboy said...

Hello GRN nice to hear from you. No doubt you will be rejoicing about my next topic? Portsmouth is to be closed after centuries of tradition. Perhaps I should not be too critical because at least Govan has some jobs left. They are destroying this island piece by piece. Scotland will be next my friend because Salmond is no friend of Scotland he is yet another pawn controlled by the Rothschilds. At least when I travel north in future I will receive euros and not those damned Scottish notes which nobody down here recognises!!! LOL!

GrumpyRN said...

Just remember to have your passport.