Monday, 25 November 2013

The Assassination of JFK!

Since the 1960's we have all grown up.  The depths that our Political Class will descend to in order to remain in power have been exposed time after time! In the United States there are so many instances of people who have got too close to power who have 'died' usually 'naturally'.

We have our own skeletons in our cupboards namely, Princess Diana, Doctor David Kelly, Dunblane, Lockerbie, Robin Cook, John Smith and recently the spy in the holdall!! That is all I can recollect at short notice but it makes me uncomfortable. Amazingly both John Smith and Robin Cook died of heart attacks when neither appears to have been unhealthy even though they were confronting the accepted political scenario (Bilderberger and Iraq)! 

So when someone sheds a new light on the assassination of JFK then surely it is worth a look?  The Tap Blog is very controversial and tackles subjects that others steer clear of.  Quite often it uncovers conspiracy theories that the main commentators do not want to air.

There are better videos on Youtube but we cannot rule anything out when trying to uncover the truth.  Did Jackie Kennedy (Onassis) really pass a pistol to the CIA operative who leaped onto the back of the car before she slithered back off the boot to rejoin her dead husband? We will never know. 

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