Monday, 4 November 2013

David Cameron is a Patron of Common Purpose?

I began this blog in 2008 after I read about the scourge of Common Purpose which I still believe was set up to undermine British society as it once was.  When today we older English people view our society we can see that their evil aims have succeeded beyond all their wildest dreams.

Their ultimate and possibly final aim is to curb the freedom of the British press so that our media will one day resemble Pravda the official organ of the Communist Party in the old, failed Soviet Union.  Of course the old, discredited, socialist philosophies are today driven by the unelected commissioners of the European Union which is precisely the primary reason that we should leave as soon as possible.

Common Purpose portrays itself as a 'charity' which promotes leadership development potential which is possibly the most misleading statement ever concocted.  What it has done is place a web of devotees in all of the most influential government and public positions so that the aims of the EU are slavisly enacted.
The damage has been almost irretrievable.

So the news today, carried by the Daily Mail, that our Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, is a patron of Common Purpose,which he has previously failed to declare, ranks as one of the worst betrayals in our national history.  Now I have always believed that the PM did not bat for Britain.  He has always supported the EU and his 'modernisation' of the Conservative party was a scandal too obvious to ignore.

Now we know the truth.  He follows a long line of front line politicians who for the past 50 years have been selling the British public down the river! Now that we know I am not even disappointed. I have long since ceased to be disgusted by the actions of our mainstream politicians.  They are shameless!


Anonymous said...

Was Cameron's allegiance ever in doubt, or Snotty's or Camerons father Bliar or schoolboy Cleggy, or the joker in the pack Millibland for that matter, professional politicians lean where blown and do and say whatever serves the purpose, power at any cost by any means, career and wealth beckon.

Truth honour and real patriotism are treated with derision, i see not one up and coming politician from a different mould, the only ones that are different are in UKIP or the odd true patriot like Bone or Hollobone the likes of whom stick out like sore thumbs in their own party.

As an aside i still reckon getting rid of Bloom was an own goal for UKIP particularly Farage, people who have the nous to vote differently with some thought to the process don't want to exchange one set of bloody polished cloned traitors without a single principle between them for another only noticeableas they sail under different colour banner, we want different, warts and all, people who have genuine thoughts and genuine faults, not soddin pre programmed robots lacking a single individual thought or principle.

Independent minded people wouldn't trust any of the liblabcon as far as they could throw them, whether Common Purpose indoctrinated or not.



bryboy said...

Hello Judd, Spot On! I originally reacted badly to Godfrey because I realised that he had inadvertently given the mainstream media a great opportunity to beat UKIP with a stick! In hindsight we should not fear the MSM and keep up the momentum. Godfrey should be welcomed back because he is the type of character who resonates with patriots. UKIP is the only opportunity for 'real' people who have not been corrupted to exercise their frustrations!