Saturday, 29 June 2013

Town Sports Day!

Today I attended the Town Sports Day where all the local kids ran in competition and their parents attended and cheered them on.  The reason that I attended was that my second granddaughter was running in a relay race.  Now I know, because I have attended a couple of her 'Sports Days' that the emphasis at this particular primary school is definitely non competitive!  The Headmistress likes music and so competitive young lads must sing with the girls! Yuck!

So we arrive at Loughborough University (what a lovely setting) and we discover that they are approximately one hour behind schedule. That may be fine for people who have nothing better to do but I am with parents who are both on nights!!

There is no PA announcing results. There is nobody updating the public on what is happening.  A couple of people wander in front of the crowd with boards (two numbers) telling you what event is happening.  Nobody is announcing which school is winning and nobody is announcing the winning pupils!  It is a typically abject performance from the education professionals.

I spy teachers taking their kids to the far side of the track and preparing them for the relay race. All of them are practicing but my granddaughter's teacher has disappeared.  The kids mill around leaderless. I asked her why they were not practicing and she tells me that their team does not have a baton! 

Eventually the race happens. The lead runner for my granddaughters's team gained a silver medal in the individual race and streaks off.  Suddenly at the first handover the second girl freezes and the advantage is lost because the poor girl does not know the rules.  She stands still and receives the baton without momentum.  The whole team is destroyed and there are tears.

That bloody so called PE teacher has a lot to answer for.  I am sorry but lazy, ignorant prats like him should never be in charge of kids. The day was an embarrassment for the teachers.  They have no idea how to run a sports day.  They were exposed as incompetents and talented children were let down by lazy teachers.

The only fee paying school slaughtered all the rest because their teachers are dedicated to their pupils. They wanted to win! The consequences of this afternoon could be long standing.  The poor girl who froze will never forget her embarrassment.  The other three athletes feel cheated. They are 10 years of age! Teachers need to be more aware that competitive sport is a fact of life. They have a duty to get involved.  It is no longer acceptable to be a wimp and to be incompetent! One half decent serviceman would have saved the day.

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