Saturday, 10 August 2013

Where are we Going?

I have just spent a week in Lanzarote with my family.  As you might expect it was gorgeous and very hot but it does give everyone a chance to chill out and relax.  We stayed in a lovely villa which had many facilities but amongst them was a small library of paperbacks left by previous occupants.  I picked a book out of this library which I knew had been very popular and had even been converted into a film called 'The Hunger Games'.  It is actually a trilogy but that is inconsequential.

The book details a society where the 'Capitol' rules over 12 Districts all of whom supply 'The Capitol' with their own specialist products.  For example District 12 is responsible for coal production.  The people living in the 'Districts' are so poor and so deprived that they eat almost anything edible but in the 'Capitol' they have invented a medicine which can make them vomit so that they can eat more!

It really made me think.  We have a Political Class which could represent 'The Capitol'.  They live in a luxury which most of us cannot contemplate.  They are kept in power by 'Peacekeepers' (as described in the book) who act like our modern police force.  The sole purpose of the 'Peacekeepers' is to protect the 'Capitol' and ignore crimes against the public! Get the picture?

I cannot yet equate the UK with 'The Hunger Games' but is it not a direction in which we are heading?  Unless we close the differential between the 'haves' and the have nots' then surely we are heading into a land where the ruling powers will decimate the so called working class?  We already have a ruling class who seem to be able to dictate their own salaries when the rest of us face austerity.  If you are a CEO of a major company/local government council/bank or charity then you can command ridiculous salaries!

How come the the CEO's of so called 'charities' can claim six figure salaries?  We are all being conned by a system emanating from the EU.  The EU began all the corruption. We had none of this arrant nonsense before the EU was formed.  I read 'The Hunger Games' and saw the future led by the European Union.  They are 'The Ultimate Capitol' and the UK may become District Thirteen.

If we do not listen to Nigel Farage and Godfrey Bloom then this is the direction that we are heading and it frightens me!  No not me but I fear for my grandchildren because they are being indoctrinated into accepting a society which is inherently corrupt and they will never know it.

I have read two books of a trilogy. I suspect that the third book deals with the revolution against 'The Capitol'. I firmly believe that unless we are prepared to destroy the current political electoral system then we will remain under the cosh of an unelected elite installed by people with a lot of money.

So in what direction are we as a nation actually going? Good Question!  


GrumpyRN said...

Hi Bry, this is off topic but I see Johnny Russell did the business for you last week. Not sure what he did this week. Coming from Tannadice he was always going to do good things - lots of good players started at Tannadice. Yes I am a Dundee United supporter.

bryboy said...

Ha! Nice one GRN! What do they say you can take the lad out of Dundee but you can't take Dundee out of the lad!! A friend from St Andrews once taught me that. Seriously we are expecting a lot from Johnny Russell so I hope he delivers. Last yezr we were desperate for a fox in the box so if we have got one expect a strong showing this year from the Rams!