Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ed Balls is Copying George Osborne!

Not a policy in sight!
I am watching Ed Balls on the show that the BBC still calls the 'Andrew Marr Show' and I am laughing out loud! This man is incorrigible!  After years of blowing all the public money under Grodon Brown he now says that the Tory austerity policy is correct.  He goes even further because he is trying to blame the Coalition for the state of the country's finances!

He is being skewered by Sophie Rayworth who is valiantly trying to get some sort of future policy out of him.  All he will admit is that he will continue the Osborne policy of cutting public spending. Ha!  In other words the 'Political Class' will continue 'troughing' and the public will continue to lose services. Vote Labour!

Every Sunday morning the BBC parades the usual subjects but even by their standards this morning has been dismal.  Baroness Helena Kennedy is a well known, well connected, socialist millionaire and she shared a sofa wih shameless self publicist Russell Brand!  What can this clown contribute to serious debate?

Nothing changes! Just pay the license fee and we will treat you as idiots. Actually Sophie Rayworth is much better than Andrew Marr and I would like to see her keep the job but please BBC bring on some credible  and sensible contributors.  Of all the mainstream frontline politicians only Nigel Farage has the ability to enthuse because he is the only one on the side of the patriot.


SAB said...

Russell Brand was also on Question Time in the week which I was surprised to see, however!, he did offer some relief (albeit only slightly entertaining) from hearing the same old droll from the other mainstream contributors which included Boris Johnson who just likes to hear his own voice. Admitted, Russell probably isn't the most qualified to offer any sort of strong fact based opinion, but on the subject of fighting drugs he excelled having had first hand experience! I think he also writes a column these days which I think you may have pointed out a while back where he wrote an interesting piece following the death of Margaret Thatcher from a young boys perspective (which I could relate to being of a similar age).

Anyway all this only goes to back up Nigel Farage's claim that they're all the same party and offer no real solutions. Many of the younger audience were quizzing Boris on the lack of affordable homes which he was unable to give an acceptable response to. He sounded out of touch and no doubt is.

All this cost cutting (IMO) is a complete drop in the ocean. None of it is making any Impression on the 'deficit' in fact I think we owe more now than we did five years ago!

bryboy said...

Hello SAB nice to hear from you. I agree that the mainstream politicians do not seem to have any solutions to the problems that the public face. BJ is just a windbag. POlitically we have been going round in circles for years and we desperately need a fresh view. Personally I think that the people who pull the strings behind the scenes don't WANT anything to change. UKIP is growing out of despair!