Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Turkey and Democracy!

The situation in Turkey is interesting. The people are absolutely determined to change their leadership and it would appear that their President has underestimated the strength of feeling.  What I find interesting about this particular confrontation is that, for once, the 'regime changers' do not appear to be involved.  That means that this display of defiance means that the people are speaking. When the people speak then the leadership should beware.  

The police can never subdue a popular revolution. Eventually they will be overcome and then it gets nasty.  The Turkish people are quite fearsome in nature and they border Syria.  I believe that this story will run and run.  The Middle East is erupting and we should all be concerned.  I hope that our politicians ignore William Hague and his 'regime changing' backers because our Foreign Secretary is trying to involve us in a disaster scenario.

We must let these people decide their own future.  We have no business interfering in their internal disputes.  Any intelligent person must realise that William Hague is not backing Britain when he advises that we should back a rag tag bobtail mercenary group of rebels with weapons paid for by us in a period of austerity!

I despair of our mainstream politicians! 

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