Friday, 21 June 2013

NHS - The Story Unfolds!

The scandal currently engulfing the NHS is getting great air time as more detail emerges about the personalities involved.  Apparently one of the major players now says that she wanted to speak out...too late dearie!

I was amazed to discover that the CEO of CQC responsible for the redacted report, Cynthia Bower, was also CEO of NHS West Midlands when the previous scandal of Stafford Hospital erupted!
She was appointed to that position in July 2006 only three months before Sir David Nicholson (according to the Daily Mail 'the man with no shame') moved from CEO of the West Midland Strategic Health Authority to be CEO of the NHS. Such a link is rarely coincidental

If you think that is bad then read all about Sir David Nicholson's young wife! She apparently began as his junior and by the time she was 32 she was CEO of Birmingham's Children's Hospital!  Talk about wheels within wheels!

I do not understand why the NHS Board of Directors cannot see that Sir David Nicholson just has to be responsible for so much of the scandal that has engulfed the NHS in recent years.  Even his 'troughing' is legendary

It is little wonder that the mainstream media throughout the day has been latching onto this recent incredible cover up.  These senior executives have fallen so low it is difficult to comprehend the magnitude of their criminality but when you read up on their boss it is hardly surprising.  One can only wonder at the morality of the members of the NHS board who continue to employ him.

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