Monday, 17 June 2013

Syria... yet Again!

I cannot believe that our leading politicians are still seriously thinking about further involvement in Syria.  Somebody, somewhere is yanking at strings with the intent of causing a dangerous confrontation which has all the trappings of a major war.

Can the likes of Cameron and Hague not foresee that they should keep their snouts out of a local Sunni/Shia war.  These people have been at it for centuries and nothing will change.  What will change are the people who seem to be hell bent on getting involved.  I still have not seen any evidence of chemical weapons but of course if you are determined to find it you will!

We have 650 MPs in Westmonster and yet I have still to see one of them rise to their feet at PMs Question Time and ask what the hell is going on? Are none of them concerned at yet another attempt to get involved in war? Do they not realise that we are all warred out?

For a long time I have got the impression that the 'regime changers' are using the British Army as a mercenary force.  We have been constantly at war for the longest period ever in our history.  Every time one war ends the 'regime changers' find us another war and find an excuse to deploy the British Army. The body bags keep coming home even though they managed to shut down Wootton Bassett.

We see hordes of servicemen being sacked but on the television we are informed that 'the army is recruiting'! At the lower end of the job market many of the new recruits do not have an option. They must dice with death in order to earn money.  It is a horrible scenario forced on the population by an utterly amoral Political Class.

We must, at every opportunity, oppose any involvement in Syria.  Our leading politicians are being led by the nose.  It is so obvious that it is obnoxious. If we do not do this then we may get involved in a war to end all wars.  IT MUST STOP!

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