Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Evil Beyond Belief!

Almost every day we uncover more evil being perpetrated within our public services. The latest outrage is a confession by a former undercover policeman that they were trying to dig up dirt on the Lawrence family, the family of a young black lad murdered on the streets by thugs some of whom have subsequently been jailed.

This follows on from so many foul ups by police I am beginning to believe that we cannot trust any of them. The hierarchy, those responsible for decision making, seem to be following ideals that are so rotten and so corrupt that to most of us it beggars belief!

Rewind back to the horrendous execution of Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes and marvel that the officer in charge of such a shambles is STILL making decisions in the Metropolitan Police.  Think about Hillsbrough and the in house corruption which covered up the incompetence of the leadership on that day.

It has long been a belief that the investigation into the Lawrence murder was a cock up of  immense proportions and there have been rumours of police involvement with interested parties of the people who have since been jailed.  Now we learn that it gets worse and goes so much deeper than any of us could ever have imagined.

People are talking about public enquiries but who can we trust to conduct them? Today in the Daily Mail I came across this example of people within the legal systemIn modern times most of us are outraged at the lenient sentences being handed down to sex offenders and yet we allow people of 'dubious' background into positions where they can influence the law.

 I believe that there is now sufficient evidence to indicate that the police hierarchy has been infiltrated by some people who have no moral scruples whatsoever.  We need to get rid of them but who will do it? Who has the integrity to conduct a public enquiry and flush out, shame and punish the guilty? Do we have one leading politician, lawyer or senior police officer who we can trust? The very fact that I am writing this seems to sum up the state of the country!  Is the corruption within our political system now so widespread that it cannot be contained?

People in Brazil are on the streets fighting for a new nation.  What would it take for the British to say enough is enough!

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