Thursday, 20 June 2013

CQC...the Cover-Up is in full swing!

Quite correctly and rather surprisingly some local MP's are demanding that the people who instigated NHS cover ups following the deaths of a number of babies in Cumbria should be named and shamed. Two of them former Chief Executive Cynthia Bower and her deputy Jill Finney have already been named by at least the Daily Mail but of course many more of the management team would have known that reports were being redacted.

Health Minister Jeremy Hunt has publicly stated that names should be reported but then the cover up begins.  Current CQC CEO David Prior has predictably announced that this would breach data protection laws which is the excuse they always use. These 'secret' officials will fight like hell not to have their secrecy breached because once the precedent has been set they are all in danger.

If the public are to obtain justice and protection from these healthcare ogres someone in government must insist that they are not only named but also charged and put in the dock.  This is the only way that care standards within the NHS can be restored.

Once one person is named and punished for wrongdoing and subsequently loses the handsome pensions and payoffs that these people appear to have access to then we can bring back some common sense into this public sector.  Then perhaps we can also take a close look at the police, welfare, town halls and education to name just some where high salaries seem to mean lack of accountability.

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