Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The NHS... yet again!

Nicky Morgan of the Guilty!
Like anyone else I find the idea of criticizing nursing staff difficult because we have all known nurses who have treated us with kindness when we have been ill and vulnerable. The modern NHS is however, not the picture of heath that we would like it to be.  Day in day out stories of neglect and downright cruelty are emerging in the mainstream media.

My wife was a receptionist at a large modern GP practice.  She is now retired but she never divulged patient details even when she knew it would eventually affect me. Mind you I never told her about my work in intelligence either so we both remained loyal to our employers. Before she retired she did encounter a new operation called Care Quality Commission which, once again, was supposed to ensure some kind of overview of the care in the NHS.

Recently the work of the Care Quality Commission has been under the microscope.  Are we surprised? Almost everything that has been introduced by Sir David Nicholson (the man with no shame) has been exposed as inept and corrupt.

I find this subject so horrific that it is difficult to know where to start.  I will start here.  This Chief Executive presided over horror. Babies died on her watch and yet she walks away with millions of pounds in pension rights. The cover ups are legend it is like watching a scene which fifty years ago would have been laughed out of court.  The trouble is that nobody is in court and why is that?

I have a theory.  I began this blog after discovering the exploits of Common Purpose, a secret organisation emanating from the European Union that recruited aspiring young people (often ethnic minorities from poor know the very people who would be desperate to prove themselves).  They set up a networking organisation where young intelligent people would be over rewarded for being appointed to positions they did not deserve.

They then stuffed every quango and many government organisations and Town Halls with people who were rewarded by EU money because the EU does not have an auditor. So qualifications went by the board, experience was never rewarded, because only a slavish acceptance of Common Purpose counted. 

Now that does not matter in many areas but when it involves  the NHS it becomes dangerous. Ambitious, amateur, managers in the NHS are dangerous.  Huge power and huge salaries are dangerous in the NHS. We have now got to the stage where amateurs caused the death of babies! That is the bottom line!

The power of Common Purpose will probably keep the guilty, unqualified, ambitious, lethal parties out of court and as usual they will walk away with huge pay offs.  It is about time that the judiciary and the politicians tackled the problem of Common Purpose because it has now got out of hand.  When vulnerable people are dying to protect an ideal someone has to step forward and protect the public. At the moment only Nigel Farage is doing that which in itself is ludicrous. 

The message to any politician who wants to win the next election is that you must tackle the problem of Common Purpose so that we can get back to normal...but then you can't can you?  You would lose so much money!  

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