Friday, 21 June 2013

The Cover Up Becomes the Story!

As ever, once a cover up enters the public domain it becomes the story and I suspect that the attempt to cover up a critical health inspection report will run and run.  Two more names emerged yesterday of people who believed that the integrity of the failing Care Quality Commission was more important than the lives of babies!

I will never understand the lack of compassion and the devious criminality of these women but then what was the Health Secretary (Andy Burnham I believe) doing while all of this was happening?  We have had many complaints about Health Care during his watch or at least the watch of the socialists in charge of the health system.

The tick box culture which seemed to replace traditional nursing during these dreadful years did not happen accidently.  It was devised by someone or some people and they should bear the responsibility. In my opinion we should be looking at the Labour politicians, Sir David Nicholson (the man with no shame) and a few other layers lower down the pecking order.

This comes at the same time that news is emerging of 1000 (yes one thousand) severance deals costing the public purse £28 million to prevent ex-staff from whistleblowing!  Just what is happening in this country behind closed doors which would cause 1000 people to want to expose health care practice?

I believe that this is the proof that, at the moment, there is an undercurrent of evil which would probably shock us all and it probably will.  There is no honour amongst thieves and once we can uncover one layer of criminality others will follow.  If these women were so motivated to cover up the death of 14 babies what else would they cover up?  Were they covering up for themselves or for the whole system? Just what culture could possibly warp their beliefs so horribly that they would got to these lengths to hide the facts of these deaths from the parents of the kids?

Four women have been named so far.....!


NewsboyCap said...


"Just what culture could possibly warp their beliefs so horribly that they would got to these lengths to hide the facts of these deaths from the parents of the kids?"

Common Purpose?

bryboy said...

Hello NBC I am convinced that Common Purpose is the enemy of the nation. This whole thing stinks of CP and the links that are emerging about the major players. The problem is that it is so deeply entrenched in all walks of public life that it would probably take a revolution to unseat them!

bewick said...

CP? Possibly. Fact is though Bryboy that things like this happened BEFORE CP, as I remember, but the media and the people were less "sensitive" to what was happening. CP may well have extended the knowledge of "how to do it" though.
I have known rather too many who achieved their positions via patronage/cronyism/nepotism rather than skill. Oh AND via the Peter Principle.
Or by "shouting the loudest" and being able to "sell" themselves - again without an excess of skill or knowledge. Far be it for me to be sexist but I DO wonder about the backgrounds, and management ability, of the women involved. I HAVE met such and despised most (not all).
I once researched Cathy Ashton. She is now the EU "foreign secretary". Her work record (such as it is) comes no-where near qualifying her for such a role. SHE got there via a totally political route in my opinion.

bryboy said...

Hello Bewick I agree with much that you say but I'm sure it is getting worse. The management skills that I learned in the army are almost non existant in the public services. The rewards for self promotion are so much greater these days. I also have to agree about female managers. I have known some very good ones but they are vastly outweighed by the dangerous ones. I have said more than once that Cathy Ashton has never had a vote cast for her but Gordon Brown found her an opening within the EU which sums up Gordon Brown, the EU and Cathy Ashton!!

I feel better now! Ha!