Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Nigel Farage and UKIP!

In recent weeks, following the County Council elections when UKIP shook up the country politics has gone quiet.  This is probably because our MPs get such long and frequent holidays that the momentum has been lost.  All we are getting is scandal after political scandal involving some very prominent politicians from both houses.

Why these scum continue to believe that they can dupe the public year after year with their sleazy sidelines is inexplicable. It is probably feasible that they have a fine line in procedure which never sees any of them in court in front of a judge.  They can 'resign from the party whip' or they can 'refer themselves to the Parliamentary Standards Committee' but they are never sacked or publicly disciplined. They continue to enjoy the subsidised Westmonster bars and restaurants and continue to draw salaries and expenses.

So if anyone believes that UKIP has gone quiet here is the speech that Nigel Farage gave to the South East Counties Annual Conference when he welcomed Patrick O'Flynn (Chief Political Commentator of the Daily Express) to the UKIP ranks.

His reference to the UAF (United Against Fascism) thug organisation is not unusual.  I recently spoke to a policeman from Scotland who advised me that of all the violent organisations who take their politics onto the streets the UAF were the most difficult to deal with because they are well versed in the law. They are also a violent, Trade Union sponsored, gang of thugs.  These are the people who close down freedom of speech and are backed and supported by Ed Miliband and Ed Balls. Nothing changes folks!


SAB said...

Welcome back! :-)

I watched Nigel's speech yesterday and was very impressed (as always). I think the chairman of the UAF is none other than Ken Livingstone.

I don't know if you managed to catch question time whilst you was away but if not you didn't miss anything. Diane James was on but it was the usual BBC stitch up with the usual planted members of the audience.

bryboy said...

Hello SAB, Nice to hear from you again. You are right that that great Socialist Ken Livingston is the head of the UAF! Did we ever expect anything else?

These leading socialist politicians are poison. They are all acting against the interests of the British public and always have done.

I saw Diane James last night. I hope that she is the first of many UKIP MP's but Nigel should always be number one because he is so charismatic and forceful. If he ever gets into Westmonster he would scare them into common sense!!