Friday, 28 June 2013

Bullying and the Trade Unions!

The recent news that Julie Bailey has had to close her popular cafe and move out of Stafford owing to intimidation by persons unknown is a sign of the times. You may well remember that she was the person who almost single handedly exposed the scandal of Mid Staffs NHS Trust following the death of her mother.

She has since been targetted to such an extent that even this brave lady has had to close down and move out? Now who could possibly be angered by her stand against the horrendous practices established and acted out under the watch of people like Sir David Nicholson and Cynthia Bower?  Who would or could order a campaign of intimidation that would close her business down?

She relied upon the largesse of many of the workers from the local Stafford hospital so her stand was even more courageous but then did she already know that malpractice was encouraged.  She must have overheard her patronage discussing work issues.  Most of us will be eternally grateful to her for exposing the scandal at Stafford hospital so who would be angry?

In the 1970's Margaret Thatcher took on the Trade Unions and eventually destroyed them.  For some time after their influence waned but in recent years mainly since we joined the EU they have regrouped and are now once again a force for evil.  After all the leader of the Labour party owes his job to Union support.  He could never have stabbed his brother in the back without it!

They fund 'Unite Against Fascism' which is a violent organisation that specialises in closing down freedom of political expression. They have vetoed almost every attempt to reform Health or Education and seem to be the only organisations that can put enough people on the streets to mount a sizeable demonstration.

So who would it be that would cowardly bully someone like Julie Bailey into closing her business and moving out of her home town? We don't have to look to far to discover the answer.  Where is the modern day Margaret Thatcher when you need one?

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