Thursday, 13 June 2013

The NHS!

I cannot understand how our useless politicians can stand back and allow scandal after scandal to engulf the NHS! Clearly the Chief Executive, Sir David Nicholson, should have been replaced months ago and in my opinion he should actually have been prosecuted following the debacle at Mid Staffs.

Today he faces parliamentary committees and is allowed to bluster and bluff his way through the procedure apparently without any of them laying a glove on him.  The most recent exploit of incompetence involves a 'flawed analysis of incomplete proposals' concerning the Children's Heart Surgeries.  More millions wasted following the laughable attempt at a national computer system and then the millions wasted at trying to shut people up.

The NHS is rapidly becoming an omnishambles at management level.  How the staff can work under these buffoons beats me and how many more millions will be poured down the drain before Jeremy Hunt decides to sack the senior officers responsible for this lack of financial acumen.

I sometimes think that there will be a prize awarded for the people who can waste most taxpayer's money.  It seems to be happening everywhere and nobody seems to care! 


GrumpyRN said...

Hi Bry, been on holiday so missed this. The man (Nicholson) seems untouchable and has no apparent shame.

Heart surgery, we have to be careful here as it is all too easy to fall into the "ah the poor children" state of mind. Parents want their children's surgery on their doorstep - understandably. However, this is not always the best idea, what you want is fewer areas doing more surgeries so that the surgeons become very good. When I had my heart surgery it was outwith my area and my wife had to travel daily to visit me but it meant I had an experienced surgeon.

Computer systems, an absolute joke. People spend more time looking on facebook and arranging holidays.

Omnishambles........? Good word. I'm glad I'm up here, NHS Scotland seems to be in a slightly better shape, we still have problems and the sh*t still hits the fan on occasion but we have not had the same market forces or the reshuffles and reorganisations that have plagued the NHS in England and Wales.

I disagree, the public care - but what can they do? They are told by politicians.

bryboy said...

Hello GRN... I agree Nicholson is a conundrum which means that he has been put in place for a reason. Someone has been trying to tear down our social fabric for years and Nicholson is just an instrument.

We in Leicestershire clearly favour Glenfield for children's Heart surgery and Glenfield saved my life so I am biased despite Gerry McCann.

GRN, my wife was a receptionist at a GPs surgery for many years so she knows the problems. I also had Heart surgery and she also had to visit me but it was feasible.

I think that Scotland must be better although I have generally had really good treatment down here. I can still however speak for myself and the people who cannot are the real victims.

I see that the shambles at Mid Staffs is apparently being addressed and not before time!