Monday, 15 April 2013

Vote Rigging - Proof!

In Derby today four Muslim women have been charged with electoral fraud and one of them with misconduct in public office.  I have long been of the opinion that some of our results were suspect and now my suspicions have been confirmed.  I posted on this subject only 10 days ago!

With the rise of corruption emanating from the EU with its reluctance to face an audit it was only a matter of time before people began to explore ways to corrupt elections.  Once again however, it is the Muslim community who are under the microscope and can you blame them?  They understand that power corrupts so they will find ways to access that power.  

They, despite all the rhetoric, have people within their community who, because of their traditions, will order corruption.  I do not believe that it is a coincidence that all four charged are women.  It appears that one of them was a council worker who traditionally regard the position of teller as a perk of their job.

It is not yet an 'English' trait but give it time.  We must now tighten up our electoral processes.  Postal voting must be overhauled. The position of teller or electoral administrator should be investigated.  Anyone with links to candidates or parties should be disqualified from counting.

For the record last year in the Arboretum ward of Derby the Muslim standing for Labour beat the Muslim standing for the LibDems by 14 votes.  They have caught four of them but I do wonder given the closeness of this contest how accurate the result really was?

I am particularly concerned that in the case investigated in Derby it appears that it was fratricide but what would the three disgraced Westmonster parties do to stop the rise of UKIP?


bewick said...

Totally agree that the postal voting system is a corruption of democracy. You should follow Andrew Gilligan (Telegraph) and his always ongoing investigation of the muslim run Tower Hamlets. It would seem that many Pakistanis who have never left Pakistani borders manage to postally vote there, and in Birmingham. Perhaps even Leicester and Luton. They are paid to do that.

You mentioned "teller". Actually being a "teller" is not a perk of LG employment. Being a Poll clerk or Presiding Officer may be - if you regard a 16+ hour day as a perk! Both are supposed to be employed outside their area of residence so that they should not know the people voting. In the past I've been sent 40 miles.
A "teller" on the other hand is an unpaid assistant to the political party. A teller IS a legally acknowledged position. A teller is allowed to ask you who you are but has no right to be told. Most voters don't know that so tell anyway. Having had trouble with tellers, as a Presiding Officer, I always refuse but they know who I am anyway in my small village. Hope that helps.

bewick said...

Personation = pretending to be someone else and casting a vote in the name of that person. (in normal converse this is IMpersonation)
I once came across that as a Presiding Officer. I didn't want to encounter it because the paperwork was horrendous. My view was that the polling clerk had made a clerical error (so easy during a very boring day) and accidentally ruled through the wrong name. I said so in my report. The real voter got a vote and there was NFA. Actual vote would only have been considered in the event of a tie in any case at which point there may well have been further action but even the ruled lists may not have resolved. The lists normally are secret and confined to archives never to be consulted. May be different in the indian sub-continent!!!!

bewick said...

PS Tellers. They are not allowed INSIDE the Polling Station. On a very cold wet day I slightly "bent" the rules in a spirit of humanity. THEY demanded the space of the main voting hall. I totally refused that but allowed them to occupy the seriously small lobby just by the door (One Lab , one Con) Even THAT was essentially illegal. When they started to harass voters I threw them back into the rain.
In Tower Hamlets, according to Andrew Gilligan, they are not only inside the polling station but actually IN the polling booths telling voters where to put the X.
I suppose that with a PO and Poll Clerk from the same community that, though illegal, is perfectly fine. After all that is what happens in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

bryboy said...

Once again Bewick your personal experience trumps my passion. Please keep me on the straight and narrow. I know that I am onto something and you fill in the gaps with your knowledge. Sorry about my misuse of the word 'teller'. I immediately recognized my error. I hope you have fun contributing to this blog!