Monday, 1 April 2013

April Fool's Day!

It is the First of April the day when, traditionally, indigenous members of our society play tricks on each other to demonstrate British humour.  In recent years the BBC and some of the mainstream media has taken this to new heights, some of which are funny. So when I read that the Police Federation together with some 'ambulance chasing' lawyers were encouraging their members to claim 'compensation' for minor injuries whilst on duty I immediately thought aah April Fool's Day!

I should have known better.  It is true and it is not just a few rogue officers who are abusing the public purse it has apparently risen like a new cottage industry.  It is costing us, the taxpayer, some £20 million pounds a year! What on earth has happened to British law and order? How can the Police Federation get away with this? Well I suppose it is the same way that all Public Service Unions appear to be operating against the general wishes of the British public.

It does not matter where we look, it does not matter who proposes reform of any branch of Public Service up will pop an aggressive union rep to pour vitriol onto any proposal that might benefit the public.

It is not just the police. Look at the decline of the NHS where some hospitals have actually become dangerous!  Look at the fiddling of the marking fiasco which has all but ruined the integrity of the Education system.  Look at the way the public service unions embraced the ridiculous health and safety rules which has often made our emergency services a laughing stock.

It is no surprise to me that Ed Miliband stabbed his brother in the back with the connivance of the Unions.  They seem to have immense power which they wield against the public at every opportunity.  None of them bat for Britain.

What I find difficult to understand is why none of our Westmonster politicians stand up against them or even expose their evil motives. We have a 'Conservative' PM who has failed miserably to combat the unions.  We have a Tory Education Minister who is trying to make a difference but constantly meets with union opposition and seems unable to make a dent in them.

Many of our traditions are being usurped but April Fool's Day should remain because it applies to all of us who allow this Political Class, which includes the public service trade unions, to impose a system which is slowly turning the public into a slave class.



SAB said...

Read this today. Shocking.

bewick said...

Unions? Well I know a little about that one. The answer is the apathy of ordinary union members. In short they fail to vote. Result is that activists with big mouths tend to harvest all the union positions - from shop stewards to General Secretaries. They then proceed to pursue their own, usually far far left, agendas. Such agendas cannot possibly be representative of the views and interests of all members yet the members just accept and pay their union dues - mostly as a sort of insurance policy. I kid you not.