Thursday, 11 April 2013

Will Next Wednesday Herald Armageddon for Londoners?

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Will we see a repeat of this?
I am concerned that the State Funeral of Lady Thatcher will be used as an excuse for thousands of feckless young people to descend on the capital and repeat the activity where pictures of London in flames were flashed around the world.

Margaret Thatcher became one of the most controversial political figures in modern history.  Her state funeral will be used as an excuse for protest by very many socialist organisations.  I agree with peaceful protest but we all know that it won't stop there! Groups like 'Black Bloc' see themselves as political vigilantes who are not happy until they have caused damage.

I understand that all police leave has been cancelled on that day and that many are being drafted in to maintain security but it will never be enough.  The TSG (Territorial Support Group) are only ever effective facing people who do not fight back.  When they are faced with a violent, hardened, group of activists they will probably be discovered up a side street doing a risk assessment.  You will remember their absence during the previous riots in London!

This is the excuse that the left wing activists have been waiting for and they will use it.  I predict mayhem again!  They will focus on this event and even the troops lining the route could become targetted. 

The social antipathy that exists within our society today when no politician wants to take a 'harsh' decision means that vigilante gangs exist in all major cities.  The police do not 'police' anymore and increasingly give the impression of being social workers that mop up after the crimes have been committed. I realise that this is a sweeping statement and that we do have brave police officers but they don't always get the opportunity to face the criminal.

It is with this in mind that I would have limited the size of the funeral and made it much more low key. This would be in the interests of common sense because of the potential of serious danger when so many people are hell bent on Armageddon! I do hope that I am wrong.


Julian Moss said...

I hope you are wrong too. It's a sad reflection on today's society that people can ignore the taboo of never speaking ill of the dead.

Anonymous said...

If the funeral was kept low key then the socialist nobody's have won.

Maggie would turn in her grave at the mere thought of giving in to threats or bullying, that was never her way.

It will be a day of high emotion for many, if i were the scum bags i'd be thinking twice about trying to ruin the funeral, Maggie genuinly respected and cared about the services.

Those services will be there by choice, not because they're told to turn up, the one national leader they could trust in recent times has died and they will be paying their respects.

Violent anti everything protesters could never understand this, in their bitter empty world honour deceny and respect do not compute.

When the funeral is over there might be some real tough guys lurking about in civvies, the sort you definately would want on your side.

Could be an interesting day.



bryboy said...

Tks for your interest guys. It appears that in today's society any excuse is a good one. Look at Newcastle yesterday! Judd I really hope that there are some seriously tough lads in civvies 'mingling'. Nothing would please me more than to see some of these 'Trots' get what they deserve!