Thursday, 18 April 2013

The World was Watching!

Margaret Thatcher's funeralWhatever the politics, British people put on an event yesterday that had to be the envy of the world.  Yes I agree that the cost was astronomical but the lack of any form of violent protest made that in some way justifiable.  Security costs money and in this unpredictable and unstable world it is worth every penny. I am just reassured that we still have the people who can keep us safe.

I have been a constant critic of elements of the Metropolitan Police who favour diversity over direction but yesterday was a great success for the country and so credit is due to everyone concerned.
In my opinion Margaret Thatcher was the last British Prime Minister who brought pride back to the country.  It is therefore fitting that the event which restored some pride to this beleaguered nation should be her final farewell.

Just one sour note for me. When we saw the politicians lined up it reminded me of probably the most prolific rogue's gallery in the history of the nation.  All the europhiles who stabbed her in the back had the temerity to attend. They were joined by so many who have subsequently and regularly sold the country down the river.
In a normal world the stench would have been overpowering!

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