Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Truth about Disability Allowance.

A lot has been discussed about our ailing welfare system.  We all know that we have an army of scroungers who benefit from public money when they should be seeking work.  This abysmal system has been abused for years and under the Labour  party it was clearly encouraged. It bought them votes and is one of the many reasons that I despise their pathetic policies.

Step forward Barry Rogerson, a 45 year old receiver of disability allowance from Morpeth.  This disabled man was photographed as a masked man punching a police horse in a riot which followed the defeat of Newcastle by Sunderland in a recent football match.

He is quoted as saying that he had drunk five pints of beer prior to 'accidentally' stumbling into the situation. He was masked because he had toothache! So let us examine his explanation!

He had drunk at least five pints (£15).  He had attended the game (at least £30). He had bought a replica shirt (what... you tell me... £35) and he must have travelled from Morpeth to Newcastle perhaps( another £10?) so this unemployed 'animal lover' who had tooth ache which was not bad enough to prevent him from attending a football match spent close to £100 pounds of his disability benefit and accidentally ended up punching a police horse!

I have a dear friend who is genuinely disabled and is concerned about the changes to her allowance. This total twat from Morpeth should have his allowance cancelled immediately. My problem is how did he get it in the first place?  That can probably be explained by the fact that he lives in the socialist state of 'Geordieland' where 
they are all entitled to state money as long as they continue to vote bloody Labour!

We have had almost three years of a Coalition government led by a Conservative Prime Minister and Barry Rogerson can still afford to drink himself silly and riot in Newcastle! When will this nonsense change? When will our government agencies tighten up this system? How can Barry Rogerson (with his tooth ache) overcome his disability so that he can ward off a fully trained police horse?

FFS get a grip! 


bewick said...

1. £3 pint in Newcastle? I should be so lucky.
2. Morpeth isn't actually "geordieland". In fact it is "County" and most likely mainly Tory although the MP is Labour since the constituency includes nearby ex mining communities

I totally agree with your thoughts. This Chav,in his mid 40s,hasn't worked for 8 years, can obviously afford, on benefits, 3 dogs, regular expensive visits to St James' Park and expensive beer. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he drinks 5 pints every night. Seems the type. I know rather a few such benefit cheats in my small village. Shall not regale you with the details but let's just say that they seem to live better than me and I'm far from poor. IF I can see it here I have to wonder about the REAL scale of this fraud.

Ripper said...

Whilst I agree strongly with all that you have said Bry, I wonder, could it be that the number of these cheats has been grossly exaggerated by the MSM? Sure, I know a few of these people myself, but personally I find that the vast majority of people I know who are on benefits are quite ordinary hard working people who are just unfortunate. I get laid off myself on a regular basis which means spells on the dole until I can find new work, and during those times I have found myself labelled as a feckless scrounger.

I don't think that there is an army as you put it. One story in the papers whips up public outrage at all of us.

Another thing which bears thought, is that the horse puncher probably doesn't get enough in benefits to spend £100 on a whim, so I would bet that he's working on the side. Most of these people do. A subtle difference, but one that means he isn't really wasting his benefits on footie matches and beer.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not siding with these people, its just another way of thinking about it.

bryboy said...

Tks for your contribution guys. I always write what I see. We have a local area where most of the teenage girls appear to be pushing prams. At lunch time they queue up in the chip shop which these days is hardly cheap. The welfare system has rewarded them for having babies. I do feel for the genuine unemployed but somehow they never seem to gain access to the large amountss that we hear being bandied about in the MSM! You made some valid points Ripper.

Ripper said...

Bry, I've just dropped upon this piece. Interesting reading about the unemployed.

bewick said...

Ripper. I could say much but I will just say that you are either a troll or seriously naive.