Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What WILL the 2nd May Bring?

The politicians are now beginning the run up the the Council elections on 2nd May.  Personally I am disappointed that UKIP are not fielding a candidate in my local area.  It leaves me with a quandrum because I cannot bring myself to vote for any on the mainstream parties.  In my opinion they have all let the British public down and they have long since reneged on the basic principle that they represent their constituents.

Yes I know that many of them do take an active part in local affairs but their expenses are still extraordinary by normal standards, their bars and restaurants are hugely subsidised and they take long holidays often at public expense. 

Consequently the image of our front line Westmonster politicians has understandably suffered.  They are not trusted so that when a straight talking 'man of the people' like Nigel Farage emerges he is a threat to the europhiles.  This is because it is impossible to support the European Union and the British people.  We send something like £58 million  per day to the EU which has not been audited for 18 years.  That money could be used for our benefit.

The EU is the shady brain child of a banking cartel who pull strings in every direction.  I believe that it has corrupted almost our entire public service industry mainly through Common Purpose and the lavish rewards they have allocated to chief officers.

So what is the future of the the mainstream parties? It is a widely held view that David Cameron cannot now win the 2015 General Election.  The LibDems, according to the pollsters, are polling lower than ever and most of their leading members have been accused of 'sleaze' in some form or other. That leaves us with a Labour party led by Ed Miliband who according to the 'Blairites' in his party, does not have a policy worth hanging his hat on! He has also been reduced to fielding Italians in this upcoming campaign.

If we do not vote we leave the country at the mercy of the Trade Unionists and the scroungers.  If we do vote against our hearts for one of the others then we are apparently condoning politics that we don't like or support.  Remember if only 10 people vote and 6 of them vote for one party they will still return an elected member.  It would not matter that 50000 refused to vote because the system would still win.

I fervently hope that the electorate will turn to what I believe is the only 'honest' party on the hustings and that UKIP deliver the political explosion that our Westmonster politicians deserve!


NewsboyCap said...


"Remember if only 10 people vote and 6 of them vote for one party they will still return an elected member".

Also if only 10 people vote and 4 vote for one party, the 6 others share their vote among the other 2 parties they will still return an elected member. How on god's green earth can that be right?

Democracy is supposed to be what the 'Majority' want isn't it? and the majority 6 didn't want what the minority 4 wanted, or am I missing something?

bewick said...

OMG bryboy. You SO reflect my own despair.
So far I do not see a UKIP candidate in my county ward. If there was such then I would vote for that candidate in protest against the main political parties. Standard in mid term elections anyway.

I have already told my excellent Tory MP (some Labour MPs are also excellent) that unless Cameron calls a referendum THIS year then my vote will go to UKIP.
I'm so sick of "jam tomorrow". It was physically "jam tomorrow" in the impoverished 50s and I rarely saw jam because tomorrow never came.
I even acknowledged (One time student of comparative politics) that such a protest might just help my nemesis -the totally corrupt "labour" party.
I suspect, even hope, that we are near to popular revolution. Problem with that thought of course is that rather too many rely on state benefit and likely couldn't be bothered to get out of bed.

Anonymous said...

Even if we are permitted a referendum, there is no way TPTB will allow us to extricate ourselves from the EU. This is because they have 'restructured' the country in such a way as to destroy our indigenous ability to survive, let alone prosper independently in the world.

The bottom line is that Britain has been deliberately destroyed, to facilitate its regionalisation as a federal county of the EU.

The country no longer has a manufacturing base sufficient to provide sustainable economic growth. Power generation has been deliberately sabotaged through nonsense AGW propaganda and carbon tax BS, forcing us to integrate our national grid supplies with the French. Our Navy is merely a flotilla. Even farming and fisheries have been handed over to the Eurocrats on a plate.

The final nail in the coffin is the deliberate balkanisation of Britain through mass immigration and the destruction of the Union (bye bye Scotland).

Having a referendum on EU membership in light of all this is rather like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

Britain has been abolished. Just like ancient Rome and its eventual destruction.

CP Cavafy's poem was remarkably prescient about the corruption of plutocracy bringing about the destruction of Rome:


Strange how history keeps rhyming throughout the ages eh?