Friday, 5 April 2013

Is Someone Rigging Elections?

I have often wondered, giving the state of the nation, if someone, somewhere, has found a way to rig elections?  I must admit I suspect that postal voting is not as rigorously chcked as it should be.  I read a report that UKIP actually won the Eastleigh by election on the day but the Lib Dems won the count because of the postal vote. Nigel Farage later admitted that the speed that the election was called meant that UKIP did not have time to organise their postal vote!  Surely that is not a fair system?

I also well remember a surprise victory for Labour in an election involving Glenrothes in Fife when the voting register containing details of the postal vote disappeared from Kirkcaldy Town Hall.  That is of course the same constituency that allows Gordon Brown to retire on full MP's pay and expenses.

I believe that the current postal vote, brought in by Labour, is open to abuse as has already been proven in a case in Birmingham in 2004.  I have recently watched an American TV series called 'Scandal' where they 'elected' a President on a rigged vote! 

The reason that I raise this question is that right across the country there has been a reaction to our useless politicians.  For example in many areas south of Birmingham Labour has been wiped out.  They only exist in areas of the large cities that are primarily occupied by immigrants.  Labour potentially ruined the economy of the country the last time and yet many are predicting that they could win the 2015 election!

How? For some reason they still hold sway in areas of the north where dependency on welfare probably reflects the economic climate.  They still have a good grip in Scotland and Wales (both countries also have their own Parliaments) for probably the same reason which means that the English voter is not being correctly represented.

The millionaire mansion dwellers who lived in metropolitan London and sit on the Labour front benches have little in common with South Shields and yet somehow they keep being elected! How?  It does not add up and if it does not add up then I believe something is not quite right.

If the LibDems can win Eastleigh courtesy of the postal vote then perhaps we should be looking at modern electioneering and while I am at it how is it that the organisation and administration of elections is the sole domain of local government officials?  It would be quite simple to manipulate people whose jobs depended on following orders. Just a thought.


NewsboyCap said...


Stalin: "It's not the people who vote that count, it's the people who count the votes" I think it was one of his thoughts on Democracy.

bryboy said...

Yes NBC history always tells us the truth. The current parliament is beginning to monitor the past. I do not know why I suspect the electoral system but they have so much to lose if UKIP break through. We used to trust the local government officials (I was one} but today they are defending their vast salaries which are tantamount to robbery of the council tax. I fear that they have too much to lose! We need independent counters.