Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Food Banks!

Today in Westmonster they reflected that in modern British life we need food banks to keep some people alive. There was not a hint of shame from the front bench multimillionaires  when they had to acknowledge that, under their joint policy of support of the European Union, we now have people begging for food in this very wealthy country.  

This is the most shameful aspect of our mainstream politics. Our politicians all support the EU and they all support the 58 million pounds per day that we gift to the unaudited EU and they all support the unregulated Foreign Aid but now we are dependent on food banks in the UK for our own citizens!  How can our mainstream politicians stand for election in 2015 when our children cannot play safely in the streets and people need food banks to survive?

We must get back to basics. Our politicians must start to ask simple questions. Why do these people need food banks when immigrants are living in relative luxury? Why can our children not play safely in the streets? Why can they 'bung' the EU so much money and not guarantee the safety of our kids. 

Who do our politicians actually represent? What is their reason to support unelected commissars from the EU? Who is Herman van Rompuy who controls this country?  Why is nobody in Westmonster challenging the European Union?  Let us be in no illusion that the reason that they do not challenge the EU is that they are all receiving shed loads of wonga from that very source.

58 million pounds a day buys a lot of loyalty! It goes deeper and deeper and it penetrates our very society.  It has probably corrupted our local councils, ALL the quangos and most of our public services. The EU rewards its servants liberally because it can afford it. Common Purpose was launched in 1992 and has recruited cunningly from certain cities where poverty and immigration was paramount.

If you were the child of an immigrant and you were suddenly granted an opportunity to be successful beyond the wildest dreams of your family would you not grasp that opportunity?  Suddenly you are earning a huge sum of money and you also have a network of influential friends. You are also appreciated by your family and friends and you can, in addition, create  opportunities for your family circle.

Simple innit? 

UKIP is the only vote that will stop this evil. When the money from the EU suddenly stops then the corruption stops. When the money, our money, does not drain into the pockets of our politicians then they have no reason to support the EU.

Nigel Farage knows that he is onto something!

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