Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Everybody Knew and Nobody Reacted!

Here in the East Midlands the mainstream media has been consumed by the Philpott case where a notorious husband and wife hatched a plot to frame an ex girlfriend who had walked out of 'the family home'.

The plot tragically backfired and they killed their six children.  Yesterday they were found guilty and today they will be sentenced.  That is the bare bones of the case but the background goes much, much further.  All the 'care' authorities and the police were well aware of this family and so were the local council.  They lived in a council house and had repeatedly asked for larger accommodation to house their family.

He had even appeared on the 'Jeremy Kyle' show and had also entertained Ann Widdicombe for a programme the name of which escapes me. He was very well known to everybody who should have cared for this family.  The government has repeatedly maintained that we must reform welfare in this country which is evident to anybody who has a brain.

In every city in this country we have hundreds of 'Philpott' families and we all know it.  They are 'scum' and they all have large families which guarantees good income.  Many have an Irish connection because they have a tendency to live close to the edge of the law.

I am penning this because like most decent people we have watched the growth of this cottage industry which has been 'encouraged' by the modernisers in Westmonster.  Everybody knows a scumbag family who for generations have never worked.  Everybody knows that their kids arrive at school untutored and ill disciplined.  They disrupt the classes and warrant additional attention and yet nobody does anything!

These are the families that MUST be tackled by the welfare system and the law.  Child neglect should not be tolerated and the schools are at the forefront of this problem. They know who the problem children are and yet there does not appear to be a hotline from the class room to the court room. 

The welfare system has encouraged and supported these families. They are still doing it.  The ridiculous capping of welfare at £26000 is far too high. In my opinion unemployment benefit should be limited to a time period.  Child benefit should stop after two children.  If you want more pay for them!

This case as horrific as it has been has illustrated the fact that everyone knew about them and nobody did anything.  We have people being paid huge sums of money for not tackling the problem. We have politicians bickering on petty party political issues when amongst us down here on planet earth we see the real problem and it is huge!

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