Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Oh Woe is America!

Who is He?
Since Barack Obama was astonishingly re-elected back to the White House there have been mounting tensions between the people and the State.  You only have to visit Youtube to witness countless of claims that the President is carrying out what they call 'false flag' attacks to cow the public into giving up firearms.

Following the Boston Marathon bombings the usual claims of 'set-ups' and 'false flag' accusations soon appeared on YouTube, this one is quite good! What one cannot deny however, is that at least one of the victims who died, Krystle Campbell, was laid to rest by her family.  We must always pay tribute to those who have lost loved ones even when we suspect that all is not well with the incident.

Now comes news that the man who could be termed, public enemy number one for the United States, Hamza bin Laden, was linked to the bombings and was actually injured at the time they detonated. The security authorities knew about him and intended to deport him back to Saudi no questions asked. Am I wrong about this?

I just don't get it!  Hamza bin Laden, following the death of his father Osama bin Laden, is probably, give or take Kim Il-Sung, the number one enemy of the United States.  How on earth did he get into the country?  He was probably using an assumed name but they have more technology than almost any other country in the world and immigration is SO tightly controlled.

I know nothing about the Boston bombings but I do know that something is just not right with life under the Obama administration.
In my opinion somebody, somewhere has an agenda which is not healthy for the average American.  I await with interest and quite a lot of trepidation for the future to unfurl.

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Anonymous said...

America has been sliding towards tyranny for a long while.

Bostonians could be seen chanting "USA,USA" at news of the surviving bomber's arrest, yet they seemed blissfully ignorant, nay even thankful, that the heavily armed military, police, FBI, Homeland security and reserve units had laid seige to their town.

Nothing quite like letting a good opportunity go to waste. People are being indoctrinated into accepting a militarised police state IMHO.