Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Socialism Laid Bare!

The vitriolic rage following the death of Margaret Thatcher has laid bare the hatred that many in this country have for our country.  Their bile and their haste to demonstrate their ecstasy has actually uncovered their ambition.

Take  Dave Hopper for example, he is General Secretary of something called the Durham Miner's Association who is quoted as saying 'It's a great day...she did more damage to us than Hitler did.'

The difference is that when he speaks of 'us' he does not mean the British public, he does not even mean the British worker who he purports to represent, he actually means the Socialist movement.  The crime that Margaret Thatcher had committed was actually to make the British people feel proud of themselves again.

These marxists or elite socialists live off the state. Their whole aim is to destroy society so that they can prosper.  That is why it has almost become a crime to be a patriot or a nationalist.  You are immediately labelled fascist or racist and condemned as something disgusting.

I have often quoted Ralph Miliband, father of the 'toxic' brothers, because he is probably the best example of a Marxist.  He fled to this country to escape Hitler and then condemned the country that had saved his pathetic backside by exclaiming that we were the worst nationalists that he had ever seen! You see that word 'nationalist' is a huge insult when used by the socialist movement determined to torpedo normal society.

Margaret Thatcher relaunched us onto the world stage.  She was respected everywhere and took us into the last war that our troops could possibly win. Ever since then our troops have been on a hiding to nothing.   Contrast that with the political pygmies who have followed her. We have had a succession of Socialists in various disguises because anyone who tolerates the unaudited EU has to be labelled a socialist.

The only reason that the BBC (what an abject and bitter organisation) and other leading socialist parasites hate Margaret Thatcher was that she was onto their little game so she hit back on behalf of the public.  Yes I know that some members of the public became collateral damage when she declared war on Arthur Scargill and his like but that was inevitable.  The miners allowed their communities and their families to be used by the socialists.  They still do not understand that their community could not have priority over the country.  Their suffering and they did suffer was caused by socialism.  Socialists only care about 'the movement'.

Arthur Scargill never suffered he prospered. He even lived in a luxury flat in London courtesy of the NUM. All major union officials have nice houses, large cars and huge salaries. They live off the earnings of the workers.

The Labour party is not the same party than my father and grandfather admired.  The Labour front bench are all millionaires, public school educated and career members of the Socialist movement.  There is not a scintilla of similarity between the lives of the Milibands and the members of the Durham Miner' Association.  What does Harriet Harman know of the working class or Ed Balls or Yvette Cooper or Gordon Brown for that matter.  Born to privilege all of them!

Modern socialism is all about power and control.  It is rotten through and through and will remain only as long as it takes the working class, particularly the union members, to realise that they have been 'had' time and time again and unless they too can get on the gravy train they should look elsewhere for political alliance.


Anonymous said...

You might want to read Alternative right's synopsis on Mrs T. Much more accurate IMHO:

Note that 'Alt Right' is most definitiely not a liberal-leftie marxist blog either.

How on earth could Mrs T afford live at the Ritz in the months prior to her death? How did Bliar manage to amass millions?

Is it merely coincidence that NM Rothschild advised on all of the Thatcher government's privatisations during the 1980s and that Bliar was a regular guest at Rothschild's Waddesdon Manor?

Joint the dots as they say.


bryboy said...

Tks Angryrightie for your contribution. That was a very thought provoking steer and I would recommend anyone else reading this to read what 'alternativeright' has to say. It was one of the best and well researched articles that I have read and would not be out of place at a higher level in literacy circles.

I see that we agree on the influence that the Rothschild family still holds on our Political leaders and elsewhere. I sometimes wonder if we have an honest person left anywhere in government.