Sunday, 7 April 2013

Paris Brown sums up our Politicians!

Paris Brown
Paris Brown
The appointment of a sixteen year old as a youth crime commissioner in Kent by their female PCC Ann Barnes probably sums up politics in this country. It has taken less than a week for the mainstream media to discover the background of this disreputable young girl. 

Did nobody in the police look at her twitter account before appointing her.  In case you don't know what I am talking about she uses just about every profanity in the dictionary alongside terms such as 'fags', 'illegals' and 'pikeys'. Her terminolgy and lifestyle would get most of us locked up but PCC Ann Barnes gave her a job and a £15000 a year salary at 16 years of age!  A full report is here.

If I remember correctly the organisation 'Common Purpose' plays a very prominent role in the Kent Police force and I would just wonder if this appointment is another example of their duplicity?
If you are going to appoint a young person (why would you?) then surely it should be someone of impeccable character and Paris Browns' comments on twitter clearly betray her.

My concern is the thinking of PCC Ann Barnes.  Perhaps the voters should remember this when she comes up for re-election! 

UPDATE: Is this poor, weeping, creature really worth £15000 of taxpayers's money? Who chose her and why? What is REALLY behind this ludicrous appointment?  They could have selected so many good examples of youth but they selected Paris Brown!  It beggar's belief!  Poor girl has now tasted public life. I hope that she has learned the lesson.


Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog and I like it very much.

I can spot a trend here; have you noticed that 'Cast Iron Dave' talked about extending universal suffrage to 16 year olds, most particularly for the forthcoming Scottish referendum vote?

Seems to me that this is all designed to encourage immature morons to vote according to their own brainwashing. Its all very cyncial and very dangerous IMHO.


bryboy said...

I agree that giving votes to the modern 16 year old is grotesque. They are no way as mature at 16 as previous generations have been. I would even go further and raise the driving age to 21 (exceptions for active servicemen). Tks for your interest.