Friday, 26 April 2013


President Assad
I see that our mainstream politicians, all of whom are supporters of the European Union, are continuing to ratchet up the pressure on President Assad of Syria.  They are becoming increasingly desperate because so far all of their attempts to unseat Assad have been repulsed.

Now there are suspicious attempts to suggest that Assad has been using sarin (a chemical agent) against the 'rebel' troops even though so far he has had little need for desperation.  Assad denies it of course and so far he has not sounded desperate. 

What I fail to understand is why are our most important politicians are so, so, desperate to unseat President Assad?  What is it about Syria that is so bloody important? Who could possibly be behind a plot to  replace a relatively stable regime for another containing members of Al Qaeda and why would people like David Cameron and William Hague support them?

If I didn't know better I would begin to harbour thoughts that   Cameron and Hague have allegiances that extend much wider than their loyalty to the British public! There has to be a hidden agenda because I do not believe that Assad would be stupid enough to use a chemical agent in the defence of his country (I could be wrong of course).

In the meantime Russia and Iran also continue to defy the 'regime changers' in Syria.  If Assad began to use illegal weaponry he would probably lose the support of this allies and that would be foolish. So I would suggest that any mention of 'sarin' should be verified before our mainstream politicians start scaremongering.

By the by, as I have stated previously, Syria is one of only a small handful of countries remaining who are not ruled by a Rothschild banking system.  Just a thought!

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