Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Police and their Conduct!

I cannot believe that Sir Norman Bettinson, who clearly interfered with the Hillsborough enquiry, cannot be prosecuted. The group who have fought tirelously for justice for their relatives who died at Hillsborough apparently because of police failure, have always maintained that he was central to their problems.

In the meantime he was promoted and rewarded.  Then when the heat was projected onto him he simply retired and grabbed his gold plated pension.  Now they say he cannot be prosecuted because he resigned before he was researched.

Come on now, if he committed a criminal act and it now appears that he did then what has his resignation got to do with justice?  The Hillsborough tragedy was a major story and the relatives of the dead have long maintained that the police were culpable. They also maintain that police reports were corrupted and the name of Sir Norman Bettinson has for a decade been prominent in the accusations that this happened.

Now he has been indicted by an enquiry and yet he escapes prosecution because he opted for early retirement. That is not justice!

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