Friday, 22 March 2013

Cyprus and George Osborne!

So the crunch in Cyprus is being played out.  How they must wish that they had never agreed to join the European Union and that must also apply in Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Italy. Now Cyprus is actually having to cosy up to Russia and may even yet give Russia a toe hold in the Mediterranean.

All the economies of the above mentioned countries have been wrecked by their membership of the European Union.  Their politicians have been corrupted by the same money that has corrupted our own government.

In 2010 a Coalition was cobbled together to attack the National Debt caused by Gordon Brown who is also a servant of the 'regime changers' and probably so many other rabid organisations.  Our politicians are no longer our representatives they pay allegiance to the bankers.

Since they were elected George Osborne and David Cameron and Nick Clegg and Vince Cable have continued to pursue the public spending that was introduced by Gordon Brown and Ed Balls and Ed Miliband.  These people are hell bent on ruining our economy but they get so much air time on the BBC and all the other mainstream media organisations that an alternative proposal never gets aired. 

So on SKY news they allowed Nigel Farage a few minutes of air time. Wrong move guys!  Nigel advocated an exit from the EU (billions saved) an end to the EU supporting quangos (more billions saved) and an end to Foreign Aid (even more billions saved) which never seems to find the children of Africa or any other people of impoverished country! Let alone pulling out of and keeping out of any future wars.

David Cameron and George Osborne cannot make the decisions that they need to make because they have allegiances to billionaires that the public cannot access.  Our votes have no significance if we continue to vote for these people who do not represent the people.

The bankers continue to profit in an excess which makes most people want to vomit.  Honest faced celebrities are being used to 'con' honest people to cough up their savings to support causes that the government should be supporting.

In the meantime our useless Chancellor (who is continuing the policies of Gordon Brown) has to abide by the orders of the people who fund his party.  Of course that also applies to the Labour and LibDem parties.  However if you are funding all three parties then you win whoever is in charge.  That of course negates our vote!  So when we vote, as we should, it is a waste of time unless of course you ignore the bought and paid for politicians and vote for ordinary people.

Cyprus has the problem today but if we continue with this Political Class then I am afraid we will be tomorrow. Think On!

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