Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Billionaires, the Government and the Press!

This blog could be on its last legs because the 'Hacked Off' campaign to restrict the freedom of the press also includes independent bloggers.  The internet is the last vestige of free speech.  We have had nothing to do with the 'Dowlers and the McCanns' (well we have pitched in when necessary) but the intimidation that they received from the mainstream media  was nothing to do with the blogosphere.

Now all three of the so called major parties have ganged together to restrict the freedom of the press but I think that this is a misnomer.  The hidden clause in their so called Royal Charter was also to silence the blogs.  That was their main aim!  The mainstream media has always been controlled by people with money (I choose my words carefully) but the mainstream media is not the problem.

Up until the secret meeting of all three parties in Ed Miliband's office in the early hours which contained representatives of 'Hacked Off' who have never been elected, the only uncontrolled, free speaking community, left in the UK was the blogosphere.  We don't blog anonymously because Google knows everything. Google my blog and you discover who I am.  I have nothing to hide. The photograph on my blog is me.

So what happens now? It is fine for firms like 'Guido Fawkes', who has played a 'blinder' by the way, because he can blog from beyond these shores.  The mainstream media has access to millions of pounds but the individual blogger is being shut down. Our voices are being threatened by the very people who have behaved badly and been caught out. 

Our politicians used to have a duty to the public. This has long gone. We are entering into a Stalinist era.  We have been heading into this era for possibly the past forty years.  Our banks are corrupt, our mainstream politicians serve masters instead of their communities and public service is an absolute joke. Public Service unions are destroying the fabric of our country. They are being paid to do it.

All of our public services have been corrupted. The NHS is killing people, the Education service is NOT educating our kids and they are inflating grades, the police have disappeared from our streets, mental health patients are killing people on our streets, the prison service has retreated into obscurity allowing the drug gangs to rule prisons, immigration is STILL uncontrolled.

Nobody is representing the British public. Nobody is looking after our children. Nobody seeks to oppose the billionaires who have bought our politicians so that the corruption is perpetuated and maintained and consolidated. 

Our only possible escape is Nigel Farage and that is unhealthy.  He is not a saint and we are all corruptible. He may yet sell out to the Tories and then we will stay in the EU.  Before this blog is closed down I have to tell you that only a complete break down of the banking industry (which will happen because it is corrupt and has been for centuries) will restart any economy.

There will be' in the future, need to be a destruction of the banking industry and it will come.  It will mean that the paper currency which has been manipulated and therefore not credible will eventually implode. Buy gold folks!

Nobody can print money to manipulate the economy. President Mugabe of Zimbabwe did that and look at Zimbabwe! I am sorry but have we become Zimbabwe? Our government is actually printing money to maintain our economy and they then borrow that false money to retain power.

The Labour party did it and now the Coalition is doing it (all three parties then agree that printing money is the way forward)! This is the politics of madness but at least we are beginning to understand the fraud that they have perpetrated upon us. These amateur economists have so far rung up a trillion pound National debt upon us!  A trillion pounds!! Thank God that it is only paper money and is therefore not worth a jot!  

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