Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Is Syria the beginning of World War Three?

President Assad 
I am becoming concerned.  The war in Syria is apparently not going according to script. Normally regime changers throw so much money at a problem that no individual can oppose them. When the conflict in Syria was engineered 'they' expected the same result that they achieved in Iraq and Libya.

This time however the ruling President has not caved in as expected and he has powerful allies.  The Russians, the Chinese and the Iranians do not want regime change in Syria. In addition the government troops seem to be winning on the ground.  Amateur Jihadists cannot cope with professional soldiers even though the British government, for some unaccountable reason, seems hell bent on giving unknown strangers vast quantities of modern arms which could disappear into a big black hole! I also read that a large proportion of the so called 'Syrian rebels' are actually not Syrian!

What I fail to understand is why is our PM and the Foreign Secretary are so keen on regime change? What is is about Syria that concerns us? Have we not learned anything from Iraq, Libya and Egypt?  David Cameron is so desperate that he is prepared to ignore EU rules on arms distribution to ensure that the jihadists are better armed. Suddenly we become an independent country again!  When did that happen?

Let us consider the facts.  On one side we have the United States, the UK, France, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and on the other side we have Syria, Russia, China and Iran.  I don't know about you but I don't like the scenario or the odds! The big boys are squaring up to each other and that is not good for you and me or our families our kids or our grand kids.

If President Assad wins then he will defeat the regime changers and they do not apparently like to lose.  I just wonder how far our government, particularly our PM and our Foreign Secretary, would go to ensure victory for whoever they are representing (it sure isn't me!) because I cannot see the point of flirting with a major war in an area that does not concern us. 

As usual PM's Question Time did not even throw up one serious question on this issue which sums up how cowed they all are.


bewick said...

From what I read Bryboy the "syrian Freedom" mob are duplictous and lying islamists. They practice the same fake and staged "events" practiced by Hamas. Such as the palestinian kid supposedly shot by the Israelis but seen walking around an hour later. OR the more recent case of the gazaan BBC man whose son was killed by "israeliair strike". Even the weak UN now say that it was actually Hamas. The Syrian mob tried to send a channel 4 reporter to his death by placing him in the line of fire. Such good publicity/propaganda eh? There are reports that these animals have killed their own for propaganda purposes. They are certainly oppressing and killing Christians and happy to declare that they wantan islamic state and restoration of the caliphate dismanted after 1918. Worse there are supposed "british" fighters and doctors there. After Libya,Egypt,Iraq,Asfganistan one would think that politicians might hve learned a lesson. Clearly Eton, Oxford, Cambridge et al fail to impart one important piece of knowledge - common sense. According to Hague and Cameron Assad is a brutal dictator who limits freedom. Hang on. I rather think that MY freedom has been eroded over the last 50 years and the land in which I now live is actually "brutal" in how it treats most. Phew. That feels better

bryboy said...

Hi Bewick, Yes the manipulation by the media of the situation in Syria is ridiculous. I sometimes feel that our whole society has been corrupted. It is only by searching the Internet that we get anything like the truth. I think that they may have bitten off more than they can chew in Syria and that Assad was waiting for them after Iraq and Libya.