Saturday, 2 March 2013

UKIP the Follow Up.

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage - British Hero?
UKIP are following up after their dramatic performance at Eastleigh.  They appear determined to maintain the personal touch with the activists in their party.  Unlike the three main EU parties who are happy to sell the country down the river they are now personally thanking those who gave up their time to achieve such an improvement in results.

This evening all party members received a thank you from Party Chairman Steve Crowther. He even named some activists who really made the difference.  Make no mistake this was the election which proved that a vote for UKIP was no longer a wasted vote.  Make no mistake that this was the election which gave the frustrated electorate, those who cannot be bothered to vote because there was no alternative to the Westmonster 'bubble', a real voice in future elections.

UKIP want what most of the public want. UKIP want an end to the unaudited European Union which diverts and squanders billions of pounds principally because some of that money end up in the pockets of our front line politicians.  They want to control the large scale immigration inflicted on us by the EU which very shortly will allow hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians and Romanians who are so poor that they would be stupid not to come here.

They want proper justice free from EU law which appears to prevent us from deporting criminals. What will our judges do if they were deprived of the convenient 'Human Rights' act?  

We really need good old fashioned British common sense free of interference where our politicians will once again be held accountable and can no longer hide behind the laws of the EU.  All of this is what UKIP is fighting for.  They are fighting for a return to our freedom. They are fighting for a return to the standards that existed prior to 1970.

If you are fair minded, if you value the freedom of your children, if you want to become an independent and self determining country then get rid of these dictators and their paid servants who lead every major party in this country.

UKIP is on the march and the whole EU industry must be on alert because it is an industry which is destroying our society. All of our front line politicians are absolutely determined to ignore the wishes of the indigenous population and inflict upon us the wishes of their political masters.

There is only one way forward for UKIP.  In the south Labour hardly exist. Nationally the LibDems are discredited following their serious scandals and the Tories are split from head to toe.  The Lab/Lib/Con conspiracy has at long last been exposed but more importantly the people have a home for their protest vote.  We must now use it and end this EU political conspiracy!     


Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff. Keep up the good work.

bewick said...

I just wrote to my Tory MP to tell him that if th Torie hold the referendun on the EU before the next election then my vote would go to UKIP - even though I knew that would likely result in a win for Lab or Lib.

bewick said...

Correction DIDN't hold the referendum

bryboy said...

Tks Anon that is encouraging. Hi Bewick yes I believe people are beginning to throw off the shackles of Con/Lab/Lib. It has however taken a long time for the Farage message to register. The good thing is that those who think about politics are realising that UKIP is the only way forward and most of us are sick of the vague hints that the Tories keep muttering to placate their natural voters.